Nora Lowinsky – Jewel Tones

Nora Lowinsky’s newest editorial looks like a dream. She shot it on “just two rolls of film, an expired roll of slide film and a new roll of 35mm color film.” Scroll down, read Nora’s text, watch the photographs and be fascinated.

cyd624 Kopie

“Jewel Tones is a series I shot of artist Sophie Lourdes Knight wearing Jayna Steffens jewelry. The three of us drove to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to take portraits of Sophie in its wild pockets. Golden Gate Park is a place you can get lost in, with uncultivated parts that feel jurassic. I tried to capture Sophie’s natural movement as we hiked to different places, watching her interaction to the flora and fauna surrounding us. My favorite captured moments are in the unexpected. We stumbled upon a group of vivid dahlias that Sophie bent to inhale and became analogous to. In one area, she was encircled by trees and a gust of warm wind blew, covering her face. Instead of moving her hair back, I loved her body language through concealment. She acted as muse that day, but while we shot the series, I imagined her persona in her own studio, while painting her large and colorful moving abstractions. Behind her English rose semblance is a powerful woman and artist, the perfect canvas for Jayna’s bold and organic jewelry pieces.”

cyd633 Kopie cyd616 Kopie cyd637 cyd640 cyd646 cyd652

cyd656 Kopie2 cyd625 Kopie2
cyd612 cyd613

cyd620 Kopie cyd673 Kopie


Photography & text after the first photo: Nora Lowinsky ☆ IG: @noralowinsky

Model: Sophie Lourdes Knight ☆ IG: @sophielourdesknight

Designer: Jayna Steffens ☆ IG: @jaynasteffens

Also by Nora Lowinsky: ‘I Planted A City’.

Thank you!

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