Victoria V. Salomonsen – Neon Flash


Remember THIS photo-series taken by the Denmark-based photographer Victoria V. Salomonsen? A perfect contrast showcases one of her latest editorials that you can see today. Flash light, neon colours and a grungy photography-style await you!

IMG_3304 Kopie

roll-neck shirt Benetton; flare trousers Monki; shoes Adidas NEO

IMG_3340 Kopie IMG_3345 Kopie IMG_3387 Kopie

shirt Versace; socks Weekday

IMG_3375 IMG_3418 IMG_3327IMG_3288IMG_3282IMG_3262 Kopie

dress/ shirt Adidas; headpiece Asos

So your day was boring

And you don’t know what to do.

And all gets on your nerves

You are waiting impatiently that something happens

And nothing happens.

Just wait, just wait on.

Or do something

Do something and forget the grey everyday life.


Dein Tag war also langweillig

Und du weißt nicht, was du machen sollst.

Und alles geht dir auf die Nerven.

Du wartest ungeduldig, dass etwas passiert.

Und es passiert nichts

Warte nur, warte nur weiter.

Oder mach irgendetwas

Mach irdendetwas und vergiss den grauen Alltag.


Photography & styling: Victoria V. Salomonsen ☆ IG: @victoriasalomonsen

Model: Diana Ganea ☆ IG: @diana.ganea

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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