Alex S. Yu x John Yoo – BACKSTAGE

alexsyu.johnyoo-5 Kopie

Do you remember the editorial ‘Rad Girls’? – Much expression and really colourful, special garments. Photographer John Yoo and fashion designer Alex S. Yu worked again together and captured moments backstage at the Fashion Week of Alex’ show. Enjoy the backstage-party!


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alexsyu.johnyoo-11 Kopie 003 alexsyu.johnyoo-16 h5IiIUv96o9TNE4zL4YfvaW_vnbFNZdsbqFysbsWlkA,_1H38BAm83MwcvmvLm3DnIJy2k7GXEGQt7HSV_-9NqI U_WkD2yM2tSio5wrZ5Qp6Yt1zVIgGc4dSjXP0vLJw9I,NecYhWGn2vUrkAN8Vi3Ij8AsZgVtUyRv1gbHc5s_gXo,7GUWFae0ruUQwZkVMNJSPdmwelpgKAOaQ5WKqIRuYPA Kopie alexsyu.johnyoo-10 alexsyu.johnyoo-20 alexsyu.johnyoo-8

alexsyu.johnyoo-23 Kopie alexsyu.johnyoo-15 Kopie

alexsyu.johnyoo-12 Kopie

“The photos were taken backstage before my show at Fashion Week. It’s slightly grungy and very girly at the same time. Also, it has the vibe of getting ready for a big party with a very candid/snapshot feel.”

Alex Yu


Photography: John Yoo β˜† IG: @iamjohnyoo

Fashion design: Alex S. Yu β˜† IG: @alex.s.yu

Thank you! β˜†

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