Beatrice Norris – Pretty Hurts


Beatrice Norris is a young artist from London. The works she creates will definitely remain in your mind. Every picture is unique in its own way. Especially the colours and lighting effects are remarkable. Scroll down slowly and enjoy the visual pleasure of Bea’s editorial ‘Pretty Hurts’ which is also featured in our current print-issue ‘Vision’. ☆ (And in this post are some great outtakes too.)

Also awaits you a poem written by Bea. And before we forget to mention it: Bea is also one of our two proof-readers for the print-issues and we are so happy about it! 🙂

2kopie edit 2

“The idea behind them was to expose societies obsession with beauty, youth and being remembered in this way, and show this in slightly different ways along with my theme of light and dark. The images all seem dreamy and hazy, and this reflects on the surreal view of beauty we have, and the model seems out of touch from the world, etc. The lack of emotion and absentmindedness makes the subject seem trapped, and this is what I was reflecting on in my work. The most obvious imagery reflecting this theme is the shots in the bathtub with the words, ‘Am I pretty Now?’ with the model wearing a crown, this showed a contrast between a girl who is dressed up in pretty clothes, however, appears emotionless and hazed.”

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‘These waves are collected; as humble as a heartbeat:

             They come to and fro,

   And no one will hear their thunder,

The ground won’t even quake,

   But those full of quiet wonder,

Will remember their gentle grace,


But as they graze the surface;

                       They’ll wish to scrape some more,

Consumed by every craving,

                       Here arise their claws,

They will grab anything in their paths,

                       In a search to grasp:

                                                     Just a while longer,

                                                    Upon their beloved shore

And is it so wrong to ask?

                       Ripples; they edge toward the surface,

To then die in their agony,

For desperation takes over minder,

That whilst grazing the fragmented shore,

It did not reach;

And then: WATCH OUT!

Emerging; a surge of fathomed envy,

Erupting a crystal cry,

As I look above upon our cracked surface, stun;

                                              I float into unknown,

As after all, these waves are not made of water:

                      But of our own’


Photography & styling: Beatrice Norris ☆ IG: @beatrice_norris

Model: Odette Bolton ☆ IG: @odettebolton

Poem: Beatrice Norris

Thanks, Bea and Odette!

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