Adi Putra – Nostalgic Dream

Los Angeles based artist Adi Putra creates absolutely unique images. We find his work really multifaceted: from dreaminess to mystery to nostalgic – there is something special in every picture.

Putra_Adi_-2 Putra_Adi_-1

“Adi Putra is a Jakarta born photographer / filmmaker. Recently graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, he is currently working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. His stylistic imagery is often dreamy, ethereal, and nostalgic. His photographic expressions are an attempt to create a realm that exists in the imagination and reality simultaneously. Putra plays upon pure sentiment deriving from his own intuition and obsession in materializing what was once only a fleeting vision in one’s mind. He now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.”

Putra_Adi_-3 Putra_Adi_-4 Putra_Adi_-8 Putra_Adi_-5 Putra_Adi_-12 Putra_Adi_-13

Putra_Adi_-14 Kopie Putra_Adi_-6

Putra_Adi_-11 Putra_Adi_-9 Putra_Adi_-15 Putra_Adi_-10 Kopie

If you only live in your past

It can be that you forget reality.

Someones will say ‘Look forward. Let the past pass away.’

But maybe it is your pleasure and inspiration remembering on happenings that seem forever gone.

Maybe it is your nostalgic dream.


Wenn du nur in deiner Vergangenheit lebst

Kann es sein, dass du die Realität vergisst.

Manche werden meinen „Blicke doch nicht zurück. Lass die Vergangenheit sein.“

Doch vielleicht ist es deine Freude und Inspiration, sich an Dinge zu erinnern, die für immer vergangen scheinen.

Vielleicht ist es dein nostalgischer Traum.

All photos and the second text by Adi Putra. See more of his works on his website and on his Instagram @healingnoise.

Other text: Lia

Many thanks!

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