Carly Hunt – IRL not URL

62540003 Kopie

This series by Carly Hunt really makes a good mood. The bright colours, the snapshots, the naturalness. – What can we say more? This shoot is perfect!

62540004 Kopie 62540005 Kopie 62540014 Kopie 62540009 Kopie 62540011 Kopie 62540008 Kopie 62540007 Kopie 62540016 Kopie

62540013 Kopie2 62540012 Kopie2

62540023 Kopie 62540024 Kopie 62540019 62540020 Kopie

“Submitting a shoot I did called ‘IRL not URL’ which is based on making friends in person, not online. Giving out compliments in person is pretty rare in younger woman today. However, online is completely different-liking selfies and commenting with a million heart eye emojis happens daily. Say you saw a girl in the washroom and you liked her shoes, so you told her, and you began to talk-eventually blossoming into a friendship. Making friends in person is such a strange concept in todays age, especially when you’re in your 20’s.”


Photography & text: Carly Hunt ☆ IG: @crybbcarly

Models: Kelly (IG: @kellabunga) & Paige (IG: @lowlightassembly)

Thank you!

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