Nora Lowinsky – I Planted A City

Self taught photographer Nora Lowinsky from Oakland, California, has created a sublime editorial. She captured this story of her sister in law and artist Aurelia Ebert in her neighborhood.

The beautiful lighting effect gives this story something special, something unique.

Nora Lowinsky, die selbst erlernte Fotografin aus Oakland, Kalifornien, hat ein außergewöhnliches Editorial kreiert. Für diese Serie fotografierte sie ihre Schwägerin und Künstlerin Aurelia Ebert in ihrer Nachbarschaft.

Der besondere Lichteffekt gibt dem Ganzen etwas Besonderes, etwas Einzigartiges.





“My brother and his wife came to visit me from Germany a few weeks ago. I always love to photograph Aurelia, who is also an artist, originally from Bavaria, but who now lives in Gottingen with my brother and studies at the university there. She is a photographer, painter and one of the most all around artistic people I know, without trying. When we have a day by the sea, for example, she makes sculptures on the beach from picking up dead animal parts, twigs and debris. She just effortlessly creates. She does not do it for money or attention- it comes from a deep, authentic place that is part of her being. She and I like to go on photo adventures together and, often, she ends up as my subject because, more than the fact that she is beautiful, she has a natural way in front of the camera that attracts me. She communicates a lot through her body and face, very quietly, much like the subtlety of her art.

I Planted a City is a photo series we planned spontaneously one day. I own a large collection of vintage clothing, and just “Nora archives”- clothing from my past- that all fits Aurelia. She picked out the green “Alice in Wonderland”-esque 1970s dress from my closet and we simply went out walking, exploring my neighborhood on foot. Being that Aurelia just arrived from Germany and wore the fantasy garden dress with long lapels from decades passed, she had an otherworldly vibe. She was maybe even a bit jet lagged…. and lost in a sort of parallel world and free time zone, as we walked around Oakland’s auto district, called Auto Row. Auto Row consists of parking lots filled with cars, some full, others half empty. Oakland is a strange land, with lots of different, contrasting landscapes. We walked by parking lots, stumbling upon beautiful green vines growing on walls and entwined in metal fencing. Construction. A strange, abandoned church. Signs. More empty lots, downtown Oakland’s skyline behind us. Oakland is a suburb and a city. A no man’s land and every man’s land. Aurelia seemed to fit into this contrasting post apocalyptic landscape by not fitting in and became a mythical archetype of femininity. She represents growth, hope and possibility in a world with an uncertain future.

This series was shot on one roll of expired Provia 100F slide film.”


img003 Kopie


img979 Kopie

img993 Kopie

img004 Kopie

img975 Kopie


img988 Kopie

I planted a city.

I gave it a name.

And I’ve seen how fast it grew.

And there grew beautiful

and messy things.


But because of that this city shined outstandingly

the beautiful things became more beautiful

and it was easier to stand the messy things.


And I liked this city like it was.


Ich pflanzte eine Stadt.

Ich gab ihr einen Namen.

Und ich habe gesehen, wie schnell sie wuchs.

Und es wuchsen dort schöne
und unschöne Dinge.

Aber da diese Stadt ganz besonders leuchtete,
wurden die schönen Dinge noch schöner
und die unschönen ließen sich besser ertragen.

Und ich mochte diese Stadt so, wie sie war.


Photography & large text: Nora Lowinsky ☆ IG: @noralowinsky Facebook

Model: Aurelia Ebert

Text: Zebra

Many thanks!

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