Jaejin Hwang – Wonderland, Asleep & Rainbow

A wonderful, analogue captured photo-series by the artist Jaejin Hwang awaits you today. In this series you will see photos from his projects ‘Wonderland’, ‘Asleep’ and ‘Rainbow’. Enjoy this visual journey!

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Jaejin Hwang is from South Korea, and currently resides in Ohio, US.
He is an Engineering student, and freelance photographer.
His work, Wonderland, describes surreal and weird moments in our daily lives.
The Asleep – project describes an ambiguous distinction between the peaceful death and falling asleep, and inspired by the song, Asleep by the Smiths.
Rainbow is an ongoing project, and inspired by surroundings in daily lives.
As you can see, he is inspired by natural moments in daily lives. He is attracted to natural randomness by surroundings and likes to interpret them in his own ways.”
– Jaejin Hwang

Thank you!

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