Marie Tomanova – Indian Summer

Brooklyn based artist Marie Tomanova and stylist Maria Montane show an incredible, fairytale-like expression in this editorial. The influencing colours, the play of the light and especially the flower garlands remain in your mind for long. A magic atmosphere!

Künstlerin Marie Tomanova und die Stylistin Maria Montane bringen in diesem Editorial eine unglaublich, märchenhafte Ausstrahlung zum Ausdruck. Die beeinflussenden Farben, das Lichtspiel und besonders die Blumenketten bleiben lange im Gedächtnis. Eine zauberhafte Atmosphäre!

Tomanova_Marie-6 Kopie






Tomanova_Marie-3 Kopie




Tomanova_Marie-7 Kopie

Tomanova_Marie-13 Kopie

Tomanova_Marie-11 Kopie

Tomanova_Marie-2 Kopie

The magical, colourful flower garlands,

The enchanting light,

The light, transparent fabrics,

All that reminds you on a fairy tale from a Thousand and One Nights.

And also probably that’s it.

So beautifully it looks!


Die magischen, bunten Blumenketten,

Das zauberhafte Licht,

Die leichten, transparenten Stoffe.

All dies erinnert dich an ein Tausend und eine Nacht – Märchen.

Und das ist es auch vermutlich.

So schön sieht es aus!


Photography: Marie Tomanova ☆ IG: @marietomanova

Stylist: Maria Montane ☆ IG: @mariamontane_

Models: Vilma & Anamae

Text: Zebra

Many thanks!

8 responses to “Marie Tomanova – Indian Summer

  1. Really beautiful. Your photos capture the restless nature of youth in the heat of the summer. Bravo!


    • Really beautiful. Your photos capture the restless nature of youth in the heat of the summer. Bravo!


  2. Lovely exposė capturing the beauty, whimsy, and magic of somewhere far from off the beaten track. A place where each of your senses are delighted as time pauses to craddle you in a moment of bliss where you want to remain forever! Indeed great light, great color, great texture, and a great escape!


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