Sarah Charlie Benjamin – Lara

_AKK5891 Kopie

Photographer and artist Sarah Charlie Benjamin from New York City is a really nice person and we have worked with her once before. (An amazing photo-series taken by her is featured in our current print-issue that comes with an interview. ♡) Today we are glad to show you one of her latest editorials she captured while visiting her hometown Tel Aviv some weeks ago. It’s beautiful and edgy – the perfect contrast, isn’t it? ♡

_AKK5812 Kopie _AKK5839 Kopie _AKK5767 _AKK5703 Kopie _AKK6003 Kopie _AKK5997 Kopie _AKK6007 _AKK6017 Kopie _AKK6012 _AKK6068

“I recently visited Tel Aviv, Israel, and got to hangout with a few very precious musicians in the Tel Aviv underground music scene. Among them I met Lara Snow, who stood out so strongly in her white lace dress against the antique walls of Jaffa – her hometown.

There was something magical about the contrast between her angelic appearance and the very old town. She agreed to let me follow her around with a camera the next day. No special production, just me and her. “


Many thanks! ☆♡

2 responses to “Sarah Charlie Benjamin – Lara

  1. Some brilliant photos! I love the blue haze that most photos contain, almost as if it’s film!

    Did you choose to shoot a sharp background and out of focus model on purpose in for example the 6th, 7th, and 8th photo? What is your artistic reason?

    The light in the 4th photo is stunning!

    Wonderfully done!

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your Sunday!

    Warm regards,


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