Ashley Armitage – Free Swim

Have we already mentioned that we really love photos that look natural and like snap-shots? 21-year-old Seattle-based artist Ashley Armitage knows how to let a photo stay in your mind after viewing and how to give a picture an interesting touch.

012_12 Kopie

“My photography is an exploration of what it means to represent femininity through a woman’s viewpoint and not through a man’s fantasy. In my work, I examine traditions and routines of girlhood that are often reduced to cliche or condemned as superficial, vain, petty, and catty. My work is an attempt to reclaim these activities in an all-accepting, body-positive way.”

010_10 003_3 020_20 015_15 019_19 Kopie 014_14 Kopie 015_15 copy Kopie 008_8 005_5 021_21 copy Kopie


Photography and second text: Ashley Armitage ☆ IG: @ladyist


Also Ashley runs the newly launched photo-agency Girls by Girls ☆ IG: @girlsbygirlsagency ☆ with the photographer Ophélie Rondeau. You should see the photographs there!

Many thanks!

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