Steph Woods – Lisa it’s your birthday!

Lisa book front

We love, love, love today’s editorial! And we thank the photographer Stephanie (Steph) Woods who is based in Manchester and London for sending us this series so we have the chance to show it you, dear reader!

10 Kopie

headband Claires Accessories; dungarees and shoes (Converse) stylist’s own; fluffy jumper Story of Lola

9 Kopie

slush puppy shirt Asos; skinny flares Rokoko


vintage hat Blue Rinse Vintage, Manchester; Rainbow top The Ragged Priest; bra Topshop; jeans American Apparel; Cowboy boots
stylist’s own

3 Kopie 5

stickers stylist’s own; shirt/dress Hype; spotty yellow shirt Topshop


sequin top Topshop; gold sequin pants Asos; Lisa Simpson style pearl necklace & bobbles stylist’s own

22 23


neck scarf and blue polo shirt Blue Rinse vintage Manchester; denim jacket & badges stylist’s own; jeans American Apparel; clips Claires Accessories


model wears: vintage dress Blue Rinse Vintage, Manchester; watch stylist’s own; boy wears own clothes

1613 Kopie

15 21
12 14

6 Kopie

vintage hat & pleat skirt Cow Vintage, Manchester; T-shirt The Ragged Priest

2 Kopie

vintage hat Blue Rinse Vintage, Manchester; Child’s Vegetarian shirt charity shop; check shorts Cow Vintage Manchester

8 Kopie

clips Claires Accessories; co-ord skirt & top Asos; socks American Apparel

“You could say my alter ego has always been Lisa Simpson. She’s that girl
at school who never quite fitted in, the one who’s really amazing but no
one seems to get her. There’s probably been a Lisa in every girls life
at some point.
I’m obsessed with her, she’s a cartoon, but I feel like I know her. I
decided to base and create a shoot on everyone’s favourite Springfield
gal, and what it would be like if she were a human today. She’s now 18,
but still lives at home with her parents. The story is a coming of age
one, which sits between reality and fantasy. First love, dating, cute
boys, studies and finding whom you truly are on the inside.”

Lisa book back


Photographer, styling & text: Steph Woods ☆ IG: @swoodseh

Model: Emilie Garnes

Many thanks!

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