Aáron M. Leyva – Sisters

A natural, sunny, grungy and analogue editorial created by artist Aáron M. Leyva from Ensenada Baja California, Mexico, can be admired today. But not only that! We also did an interview with Aáron that can be read by watching the impressive photos!

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Hi Aarón! We have the impression that you are a humorous and open person. Is your good mood a reason of that you are living in Mexico?

Hello Grunge’n’Art-Magazine, actually I was born here in Mexico, it’s because I spend my time with such amazing people; I consider myself as a shy and calm guy but they help me to get the best of me.

You are from Ensenada Baja California. We have never heard about this town before. Tell us a little something about your hometown!

Ensenada is in the north of Mexico, down of California, USA. We have amazing beaches as well as great places to hang out and also a good gastronomy. the weather is kinda weird because it changes from a cold morning with fog to a sunny and hot evening, in other words: you should visit, I know you would like it.

Your photographs are really unforced and natural. Do you prefer to take snapshots (more spontaneous shots) or is it a more planned process?

Both, the only thing that I plan are the clothes the model will use and the spots, but not more of that. Then when I’m with the model(s) I try not to force them, I direct the model with some poses but I always looking for get something more naturally with the corporal expressions of them.

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Where do you usually find the models you photograph? Do you talk to somebody spontaneously or do you go to a model-agency?

I never went to a model agency to get models, but it is in my future plans. I usually use my friends, or friends of my friends, also at many times I talk to somebody spontaneously in the street who attracts my attention.

What is more important by finding a model to work with? – The look or the personality and that you can work in a good atmosphere?

I’m trying to find someone who attracts me visually and aesthetically. In fact the personality plays an important role because if the person don’t like you, it’s a bad signal. But if we can be in a good atmosphere through a good chemistry between the model and me we got a great workflow.

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Tell us where do you prefer to spend your evenings the most.

Well, I like fresh air, I like to be outside of my home. With my friends and girlfriend. Long walks, coffee or to go to the movie-theater. But I also like to be at home working on some new ideas.

What kind of art do you also create except photography and why?

I’m into the “art” world, I make digital illustrations, and screen printing; also I start to work with video, it’s hard for me not to do something related with the visual arts, this went from being a hobby to a future profession. So it has became a part of me now.

see some of my illustration works HERE.

Do you want to become rich and famous or are these facts more secondary?

It’s secondary, because at the first time I’m looking to be recognized by the work I made, and when I reach that goal I’ll wait for what happens next.

Could you imagine living on an abandoned island for a whole year?

I can try but I don’t know how much I can resist, haha.

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What do you would like to wish the person who reads this interview in this moment?

To be influenced, I was always wondering of the perspectives of different artists that I like and I think we all have our time to bright, in this moment I passing trough a great moment with my work, I have been featured on different virtual platforms as well as print, that’s amazing!

So I hope people can know me a little bit, and get notion about new upcoming artists.


Photography & Styling: Aáron M. Leyva ☆ IG: @caaronml

Models: Mariela Enriquez & Lourdes Alatorre

Wardrobe: Infralove

Questions: Lia & Zebra

Many thanks!

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