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Today we have something new! Something special, something for viewing, for reading and for listening! Photographer, artist and organiser Cleo Barnett who is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and Seattle, Washington, did an interview with the musician Annabel Liddell. Also Cleo has held on the last view years with Annabel with her analogue cameras. So scroll down and enjoy the full post!

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“So this is my super cute and talented friend Annabel. She is a musician and medical student from Auckland, New Zealand. Annabel just got back from touring around Europe with her boyfriends band Die! Die! Die! and writing and recording new music in London for her band Miss June. I met Annabel about three years ago and since then we have been collaborating together on shoots and various creative projects…meeting up for coffees and chatting all things love and life and how to keep the creativity flowing when faced with the realities of managing your own business.”

– Cleo Barnett

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name / age / current location

Annabel Liddell; 21; Auckland, NZ

Something about New Zealand you love the most?

The landscape and close proximity of everything.

A recent adventure…

Being on tour with my boyfriends band Die! Die! Die! around Europe. It’s been amazing.

How has the tour been going? Do you and your man ever collaborate on music?

I love touring with Andrew because it means I get to travel with my best friend! We collaborate quite a bit, just naturally because of the time we spend together. After the tour they recorded an EP and I sung on it.

C020556-R1-08-8A C020559-R1-09-10

Anything in particular you have noticed about the European music scene that stood out as different to New Zealand?

I can’t generalise about the music scene as a whole, but certainly the shows I’ve attended since being here have been a very different feel to the ones in Auckland.

My boyfriend plays with a lot with female musicians as his support acts, so there has been a really inclusive vibe. The audience has been a very even mix of people and I’ve met a lot of incredible female musicians, promotors and venue owners.

We’ve also been to a lot of squats and DIY venues where there is a strong community buzz, and a lot of different types of people attending and running things. It’s all felt very supportive and uplifting.

Thats so rad! Any stand out venues or people you have met along the way?

Die! Die! Die! played at this amazing DIY venue in Berlin called Bei Ruth. It’s run by this incredible young woman called Verena. She’s the promoter and runs the venue, she also works in social services at a woman’s shelter in Berlin and makes amazing vegan curries. The show was a really good buzz.

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Tour life, hows it traveling around with a bunch of boys in a van?

Haha I’m used to it.

Most unexpected thing you have seen or noticed during your trip?

$21 orange juice in Korea.


Are you planning on staying in NZ much longer or are you wanting to make moves overseas? 

I can’t move properly until I have finished my degree. There are options through out the years to do placements in hospitals around the world which is something I am exploring. However Aotearoa is my home and it’s important to me that I work as a doctor here, and try to implement some positive change on our healthcare system.

Love this Annabel! So studying medicine alongside making music….how do you think your studies affect your musical perspective? 

The fundamental aspects of what I study, working with cadavers and patients etc, are aspects of life that you never really experience elsewhere. You see people at the core of what they really are which ultimately is very vulnerable.  Something about it really takes you away from your own ego and your own inner world that we sometimes get wrapped up in. It makes you view people and society in a really different way.. I find it hard to properly explain haha.

Other then recording some new music with your band and upcoming shows in New Zealand, what are you working on at the moment?

When we were in London I shot a music video with a friend of mine and her sister! [Rebecca and Rose Thomas] We’re currently in the process of editing it so that’s really exciting.


How would you describe your work ethic? 

Organised chaos but pretty efficient.

Five songs every person should listen to…

This was so so so hard.

Towns Van ZandtIf I Needed You 

Mazzy StarFade Into You 

Leonard CohenSo Long Marianne

The SupremesBe My Baby 

BlondieHangin’ On The Telephone 

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Five things that if every person did, the world would be a better place…

– Buy less plastic, bike/walk, use public transport and car pooling.

– Look after our elderly and our young.

– Treat our earth and the animals in it with respect.

– Support the people who are struggling, because it’s only going to make everyone stronger and better off.

– Treat all humans equally, celebrate diversity.

What makes the world go round…

Gravity ~ considering our perception that money propels the earth, fortunately it will continue to spin whether we are here or not.

Girl power is…

The underestimated power of the woman and the womb.


Something that makes you happy…

Writing music/swimming/cuddles.

Something that makes you angry…


everything matters, especially…


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Photography & interview: Cleo Barnett ☆ IG: @cleobarnettFacebook ☆ Tumblr

Styling: Hannah Lee Jade & Collectif Magazine

You can listen to Miss June online here: Miss June Facebook

And you can listen one of Miss June’s songs “Matriachy” here as well! It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great, isn’t it?

By clicking on this link (‘Student Loan’) you can listen and watch Miss June’s newest music video. Enjoy!

All photographs are unedited and taken on 35mm and 220mm film cameras around Karangahape Road, the central arts district for young creatives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Thanks a lot!

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