Cannibalismo – Daydreams


Do you want to be enchanted? – Enchanted by colours, light and pictures that you won’t forget after watching? Then you should begin your visual journey by seeing wonderful and extraordinary photos taken by the Italian artist Beatrice Maria Rosalia aka “Cannibalismo”.

Dream or reality- reality or dream? – Bea’s photos are like from another (dream)world.

first Kopie second Kopie

“I’ve always confused dreams and reality. I can’t really tell if some major events in my life really happened or I’ve just imagined them during my nighttime.

That’s a curse, and a blessing.
My photography tries to describe this, my pictures are bridge between the real world and the one I made up in my mind, which is tinted with all the cold side of the spectrum and it’s full of apparently meaningless subjects which evoke me one of those lost memories, just like a sweet scent reminds you your grandma’s rose garden, your forgotten playground.”

tumblr_ns5kx5oxmy1u13gs2o1_1280tumblr_nry257cHzg1u13gs2o1_1280 third Kopie fourth Kopie fifth Kopietumblr_nqz0hdDV3v1u13gs2o1_1280

“I take the most of my inspiration from my dreams, my few childhood memories & from those missing reminescences which haunts me sweetly.”

All photos and the five collages taken by Bea as well as the inspiring texts.

You shouldn’t miss to see her other artworks too! You can find them here:

Thanks a lot! ☆♡

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