Ramona Deckers – Let’s Just Not Know

Amsterdam-based photographer Ramona Deckers has fascinated us with her beautiful editorial which has its own, special flair. Let’s enjoy the photos and what she wrote about her work. ☆

img_ramonadeckers_priscilla Kopie

“I’m Ramona Deckers, a photographer from Amsterdam, and I like to shoot my closest friends in their homes in Amsterdam. Always I like to show a little bit of Amsterdam in my personal shoots. I mostly do portrait, documentary and fashion photography. I work with analogue equipment. The warmth and fuzziness it adds to the process complements my work and has been my preferred method for years. My analogue workflow is an open invitation for happy accidents to creep into the work – small imperfections and discolourations that add character, much like the crackle of a vinyl LP.”

dorien&pris Kopiepris&dorien paradise img026 img028 img100 img075_blw img587 dorien copy Kopie img133 img571 img540 Kopie

“My free work depicts my affection for people and the body – the interior and exterior, carnal desire, love, relationships, femininity, solitude… always on the lookout for imperfections that make us human.

I love working with my dearest friends as it allows me to get close and personal.
I travel a lot, I often criss-cross the USA, and devote my time to capturing the unfolding narrative on film. When I’m on the move I work intuitively, which gives me comfort.
Big cities – the ruins; the silence; the emptiness and hustle and bustle; humans, so delicate and fragile, interacting with an enormous city – all these contrasts inspire me most.”


Models: Dorien & Priscilla

Thank you!

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