Jane Wunrow – Collage-World

Collages are great! They combine both: photography and drawings. With a collage you can change a picture and create something totally new.

Minnesota-based artist Jane Wunrow shows how beautiful collages can look. Do you also get the longing to create something by watching Jane’s artworks?

Collagen sind wunderbar! In einer Collage wird Beides kombiniert: Fotografie und Zeichnung. Mit einer Collage kannst du ein Bild verändern und etwas völlig Neues kreieren.

Die Künstlerin Jane Wunrow aus Minnesota zeigt, wie schön Collagen aussehen können. Bekommst du auch Sehnsucht etwas zu kreieren, beim Ansehen von Janes Bildern?

Jane Wunrow_where skin and flesh Kopie

“Where Skin And Flesh”

Jane Wunrow_He trains my hands for battle

“He trains my hands for battle, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze”

Jane Wunrow_I alone

“I Alone”

Jane Wunrow_now it springs up. do you not perceive it

“Now It Springs Up, Do You Not Perceive It”


“The Lips Of Knowledge”

Jane Wunrow_In His Sight Kopie

“In His Sight”

“I have been exploring the ever-present fluidity of our physical being with the spirit world and the Divine. Through creating intricate illustrations I acknowledge the deep influence culture has on constructing ideologies that form us even down to the very hidden fabric of our identity. Through the process of dismembering these illustrations and juxtaposing them with images of stratum formations I am revealing our potential to break away from the physical constructs of this world and instead embrace a Divine metamorphosis, an eternal unity.”

– Jane Wunrow

See more and another artworks by Jane here: / Sieh weitere und andere Kunstwerke von Jane hier:

Thank you!

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