Actually, we have planned a photo-shooting on this day. And actually there had to be a model involved. Actually…

However, there isn’t a 100-per cent control about a situation.

Same was on this day.

The model wasn’t there (because of illness). And we came too early and not so properly signed in to our place of destination.

Nevertheless, we got a really friendly welcome and coffee. And we were allowed to photograph what we wanted to and where we wanted to.

Lia took spontaneously the role of the model and we nearly felt like home in this wonderful and extraordinary 90s-atmosphere.

Well, “Come As You Are” in here and look around. The store in Berlin is called “Coexist” and it belongs to Indie and Anna. – These two names put together gives Indyanna! (Read more below ;)).



IMG_3507 IMG_3470

IMG_3514 IMG_3522 Kopie

IMG_3530 Kopie IMG_3533

IMG_3487 IMG_3480

“Indyanna” is the name of Indie’s and Anna’s fashion-label. They are both young creative designers who create extraordinary clothes that will stay in your mind. They are grungy and often colourful, unique and handmade.

They founded their label in London 4 years ago after graduating from fashion school in Schwerin.

Especially London and its creative fashion scene has inspired Indyanna and after they moved to Berlin, they brought this extravagance and 90s-cult to Germany! In 2013 they opened Coexist, their own little and lovely decorated (!) store in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When we visited the designers on a relaxed afternoon we had the chance to photograph different perspectives of their store, to have a look in their designing room that is in a separated room at the farther end of the shop and to talk with them about their work and inspirations.

IMG_3582 IMG_3578IMG_3474

Indie’s and Anna’s working space. It’s really cozy.

IMG_3475 IMG_3476

IMG_3545 IMG_3548

IMG_3504 IMG_3503
IMG_3510 IMG_3595

IMG_3539 IMG_3624 IMG_3600 IMG_3606

IMG_3591 IMG_3622


Besides, selling their own designing-pieces you will also find special clothes, shoes (mainly plateau shoes) and accessories by other independent labels. Just take you the time and explore it all!


At Coexist Berlin you have the chance to find accessories in the 90s-style like chokers and unique fluffy bags.


There is so much to discover in Indie’s and Anna’s store so you should definitely come around when you are underway in Berlin. We can really recommend it!

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, unique clothes and accessories, the suitable music in the background and an artful decoration – all that you will find here. – And not the usual industrial style!

Coexist is located in Berlin-Friedrichshain on the Gruenberger Straße 88.

All garments Lia wears are designed and created by Indyanna (except the shoes; they are vintage but you can get them in the store as well).

Stay updated by Indie’s and Anna’s creative things by visiting these links:

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