Zine Club – A special review


To self-publish an own zine when you are still a student; is that possible? – Yes, of course!

16 year old editor-in-chief Alyson Williams from Temecula, California, has made it and already released the second issue of her founding zine “Zine Club”.

Zine Club is a creative platform for creative, young people who love to write, illustrate and photograph and mainly to express themselves.


The zine is small (around 148 x 210 mm) and handily but full of texts, photos and illustrations. We like smaller zine-/or magazine – sizes because so you can take your paperwork always with you and read it in cafes or in the park (if the weather is good!)…

Some days ago we received the current issue of Zine Club because we luckily got the chance to make this review! πŸ™‚ The theme of this issue is “I don’t know yet” – a special topic that can be discussed and expressed in different ways.


When you order a copy you will get a cute decorated envelope, a lovely note and some stickers! The shipping was also really fast (only a week).

The zine is really colourful, cute and rich in variety. – Interesting little texts and stories, self-experiences, and poems in change with music-playlists.

There are lots of art and illustrations, photographs, an editorial and collages, comics and advices (e.g. “Advice for the aspiring artist”). Also there is an interview included and we love the questions (they are special and not the typical stereotype-questions; something what we appreciate a lot).

IMG_20150713_114213 IMG_20150713_113401

Zine Club is a creatively open platform for students to publish their work and, most importantly, their OPINIONS, which are generally suppressed by popular media, society, exclusive publications, or plain fear.

– Zine Club


In this issue Alyson interviewed Maylan Toledano who is one of the two founders of the label Me And You.

For example Alyson asked: “What are three words that describe waht your childhood wasn’t and three words to describe what your semi-adulthood is?”Β 

If you search usual interview-questions you won’t find them in this zine!

img_150713_1207 img_150713_1208

Impression: To photos from the Instagram-account of Zine-Club

To summarize: Zine Club is a lovely-made publication. It’s like a diary with much texts and photos from different young people (mainly students) from over the world. You will be astounded how much you can put in such a little zine and we are sure you will flipping through the pages and read it again and again!


You can get your copy HERE. We had photographed so much more pages but we don’t want to take away the pleasure to discover the pages by yourself.

On their website ZINE CLUB you will find online-features and much more inspiration and information. You should check it out! You can also follow them on Instagram @zineclubmag.


β˜†Header designed by Zine Club.

The following four photos of the pages were taken by Lia and Zebra.

The last three photos were taken by Zine Club.β˜†

Text: Lia and Zebra

Thank you for the opportunity to review your work! β™‘

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