Romy Maxine Flores x Bianca Phan – Summer Shimmer


Summer is here! Outside and also here on our website!

15 year old student and artist Romy Maxine from Los Angeles created a superb editorial for Grunge’n’Art! Photographed by Bianca Phan this photo-series turns out fresh and cheeky. And on top of that you can read a really great, self confident interview! Just be inspired by Romy’s style because besides modeling she also loves to take photographs and realizing her ideas!

IMG_2209 Kopie IMG_2206

Hi Romy! You are only 15 years old but your photographs look really special and great. When did you start taking photographs?

Well I started modeling when I was around 3 or 4 and that was merely due to my uncle being a photographer. I remember him using me and my sisters as his muses several times over the course of growing up. I myself never really started taking photos until I got an Instagram. I’m gonna say that was about a year ago. I suppose some may say that Instagram is just a place to post whatever you want and that it is but to me I try to get who I am a cross in all my photos. I try to showcase the good the bad and the in-between. I can’t help but make this task as aesthetically pleasing as possible and in doing so I’ve grown to stylistically produce photos for my social media.

Your photographs are really grungy. What do you like about the Grunge-style?

Well you see I never really think about what “style” my photos are because as I mentioned before my photos tend to vary from the to time. But I do really love the “grunge” style, I mean as long as we’re not getting into the glamorized drug and self harm aspect of grunge then the actual grunge is quite beautiful. I like the mix of elegance and darkness. Beauty and strength. Femininity and masculinity. Soft and harsh. I find the mix of dark and light to be mesmerizing and I can’t help but love it.


IMG_2203 Kopie IMG_2063 Kopie

FullSizeRender IMG_2211 Kopie

You also model. For what fashion brands, campaigns or fashion magazines you have modeled so far? And how did it all start?

Well as I said before I started modeling really young because I kind of fell into it. But I never thought it would become one of my occupations. I’ve never been camera shy and I love the thought of being someone’s muse for a photo. Weather it be for a brand or an individual photographer. Some brands I have modeled for so far are Giacconi Clothing, Feminasty, Above Heaven, Salina Feminista, Luxury Jones, Omweekend, and Jacked Fashion. Other projects or shoots I’ve done have been for Golden Boy Press, i-D Magazine, Bawse USA,and Modern Manners. Over the years I’ve also been blessed to work with many individual photographers and that’s often my favorite because then it’s just you to focus on not even the clothes you’re wearing matters.

You are from Los Angeles. What do you like about your hometown the most?

The thing I love most about Los Angeles is how many opportunities there are for artists of all forms here. There are so many awesome music, art, and fashion events going on it seems there’s never a dull moment here. I also love how fun it is to be able to do these things at 15. I know some kids wouldn’t even dream of some of the amazing opportunities LA has given me. But besides all the fun stuff that happens here I really love some of the people. Yes it’s true you may have to weed out a lot of people who aren’t there to benefit anyone’s lives but themselves but if you dig deep LA has some pretty amazing, forward thinking, and genuinely kick ass people.

IMG_2212 Kopie

How does a perfect Friday-afternoon looks for you?

My perfect Friday afternoon would be me and some friends going out some fun music show and not having to be home till late! Haha. I love the freedom in starting to gain and I’m realizing how beautiful it is to just go out and have fun. I mean another perfect scenario would be working on music with my close friend Axel and just hanging out all night till I have to come home. I fell like I’m the type of person that as long as I’m productive or busy I’m happy.

What advices you can give young people who will start photographing or modelling at a young age?

The only advice I can truly give to young people who want to model is this: never let an industry so little and big headed crush who you are. Never let something as little as one agent tell you that you have to change something about yourself first, because trust me I’ve been turned down but that means nothing because as long as you know you don’t need to change then no one can tell you otherwise. And to any young artists I’d just have to say to do what you love and do it a lot and don’t give up on what you love.

Xoxoxo- Romy

You should definitely have a look at Romy’s Instagram – or just follow her! You find it @cozy.grrl !


Photography: Bianca Phan (IG: @wavybaby2001)

Model: Romy Maxine Flores

Swinwear by: Phan Club Creations (IG: @phanclubcreations)


Thank you! ☆

2 responses to “Romy Maxine Flores x Bianca Phan – Summer Shimmer

  1. Thanks for the great interview opportunity with my daughter Romy that she just showed me about a week and a half ago.
    I love how eloquent and honest she is for 15 year-old !


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