Pim Sem Benjamin – Teen Life


The photographs by young artist Pim Sem Benjamin from Deventer, Netherlands, impress by their naturalness and freedom. How catches Pim Sem this ease with his camera? – He uses the snap shot technique and that’s effective!

Die Fotos von Pim Sem Benjamin aus Deventer, Niderlanden, beeindrucken durch ihre Natürlichkeit und Ungezwungenheit. Wie kriegt Pim Sem es hin, diese Einfachheit mit seiner Kamera einzufangen? – Er wendet die Schnappschuss – Methode an, und das wirkt!


“My photography project Teen Life has been my biggest so far. Using my group of friends as subjects, I’ve been clicking the button for over 3 years. I try to photograph youth culture in such an honest way that my photos have a kind of mystery to them which makes you wonder about the people, the place and the time. They’ll leave you with a nostalgic feeling to a time and space you never were.”

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“Music is the most important thing in my life. And my busiest occupation/hobby is photographing. My entire life as project.”

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10362569_632139563585437_5643243099972210637_n 10005869_666573963475330_6667927799838425784_o

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10896188_594622714003789_6163922693855875975_o 10903863_594632474002813_427723885993470805_o

11393305_666573970141996_6238536453748408693_o 11428210_666573530142040_1834843646478931358_o

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“With the use of an analog camera and the snapshot technique, my photos deliver an image which will make you want to look twice. Only when everything aligns in the perfect moment I will press the button. With this technique I deliver a photo which holds no lies but leaves a lot of mystery. It’s mainly about youth culture and their friendship, drug use, love and adventures which I am myself a part of.

Next to that I sometimes work with digital cameras, when I photograph a party for their Facebook or when I wanna take more pictures of a certain event without being tied to an analog where every shot has to count. As said before, I dedicate my life to music and there for visit a lot of festivals and concerts. I would also be able to wright about and for music, visit concerts, photograph them, maybe even try interviewing the artists.”

Texts by Pim Sem Benjamin

Are you also impressed by Sem’s work? Then you should visit these sites: / Bist du auch beeindruckt von Sems Arbeit? Dann solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:

Thank you!

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