Jeremy Combot – A 90’s Atmosphere

The last post with illustrations is a while ago… So we gladly present unique works by Jeremy Combot who is based in Brittany, France.

Der letzte Beitrag mit Illustrationen ist schon eine Weile her… Somit zeigen wir heute einzigartige Zeichnungen von Jeremy Combot aus Brittany, Frankreich.






“Fur and Cigarette”


“It is quite hard to define my own work but it could be seen as a mixture of colors, street fashion, pop culture.
Being a kid of the 90’s, I feel inspired by this period of time that I combine with modern tendencies. I love crazy patterns, sometimes more than I expect.  I am inspired by the fashion world, in my own way. I like the link between beauty/tendency and ugliness/kitsch.

All my illustrations are handmade, I need to feel the paper under my fingers and smell the colors inks that I use. I also use markers, very thin pens and add some digital front or collages.”

– Jeremy Combot





Don’t miss seeing other works by Jeremy that you can find here: / Sieh auch die anderen Arbeiten von Jeremy, die du hier finden kannst:

Many thanks!

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