Issue 3 “Vision” Out Now!

cover Kopie back-cover Kopie

On the front cover: photography by Naomi Wong; model: Liz R Ord; Clothes by Olive and Frank

On the back cover: photography by Lolo Bates; model: Maisie Adair; styling: Federica Cerri; HMUA: Kiran Kaur


We have made it: the third issue of Grunge’n’Art. It is called “Vision” and we have changed our design and it is full of talented artist from different places all over the world.

Just look at some pages:


photography by: Vicky Chambers; model: Phoebe Reuben; designers: Anais Caulfield & Grace Golding


photography by Lolo Bates; model: Maisie Adair; styling: Federica Cerri; HMUA: Kiran Kaur

IMG_20150611_195728 Kopie

photography by: Luz Ferrari; styling: Cenizo & Fellay; models: Abril & Lourdes; art direction & realization: Diego Andres Martinez; HMUA: Ingrid Lapczuk


photography by: Gerald Larocque; art direction: Annya Karina; model: Cathryn Augustynowicz; Clothes: Newold’s


photography by: Sally Rose; styling: Indigo Goss; MUA: Patrizia Lio; Hair: Paul Rodgers; Models: Laerke Simone & Katya Kotikova

IMG_20150608_111541 Kopie

On the left: a page of the interview with Jenn Potter and her friend Mario about their alternative band From The Institute

On the right: first page of a wonderful editorial photographed by Beatrice Norris; model: Odette Bolton

rainbow1 Kopie


“Vision” features photographs taken by:

Also we have great texts for our music part about Nirvana written by Nick Roseblade.

Besides we have include a second special music part about the upcoming band From The Institute and did an interview with Jenn Potter from Buenos Aires.

And there are much more special interviews and surprising tips!

Zebra wrote the best texts that will stay in your mind after reading and Lia illustrates and put the whole magazine together.

We will also thank Anne Tastad from Canada for proofreading all the texts. ❀

Also this time we will have magazines in our online-shop. Each sold magazine is a step toward a creative future because it will help us to finance the print. (We have not sponsors or advertisements.)

We hope so much that we can go on because working creative, to design, to illustrate, to photograph, to write and finally to create this magazine, our diary, is our dream and the huge passion.

HERE you can get a magazine and each order will also get a selfmade greeting card from us. β˜†

Never loose your dream and your ideas. Be creative and ask yourself: How does your vision look?

Lia and Zebra xx

PS: You will find a detailed description for this issue in our online-shop as well!

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