World of Vila

Vila is a young talented artist. With photographs, illustrations, collages and texts she plays out her creativity. Especially she focuses on Grunge-style, dreams and self-exploration. In this post we show you some examples of her wonderful works. Scroll down, be inspired and visit the “World of Vila”.

Vila ist eine junge talentierte Künstlerin. Mit ihren Fotografien, Illustrationen, Collagen und Texten lebt sie ihre Kreativität aus. Besonders fokusiert sie sich dabei auf den Grunge-Stil, Träume und ihre Selbst-Ergründung. In diesem Beitrag zeigen wir die einige ihrer wunderschönen Arbeiten. Scrolle runter, sei inspiriert und besuche die “Welt von Vila”.

WOV_90sKid Kopie

“90s Kid”


“Beams of light”


“Birth – Life – Death”




“Pale Transition”




“Marilyn Monroe”


“Play the game”


“Roses in wax”


“I consider myself an artist, a creator and story-teller.

In desperate need for a definition of art (which is a testament to the way this world has left its marks on my own thoughts) I have come to decide to view it as expression itself, a product, a materialization of dreams as I have mentioned before. Art is struggle, fear, war, insecurity, victory, pride, joy, gratitude, love…”

– Vila

You should also definitely visit Vila’s sites: / Auch solltest du unbedingt besuchen:

Thank you!

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