tHERAPY – “MÜLL-Visual essay for a city and its trash”

Paula Aguirre from Córdoba, Argentina, and her sister Mariángeles Aguirre who is based in Berlin are the two creatives behind tHERAPY recycle and exorcise, a sustainable fashion brand that was founded by Mariángeles in 2012.

We love what they do and create as well as the perfect analogue editorial they have sent us. So read about what Paula wrote us to summarize the meaning of their brand and than watch the series “MÜLL – Visual essay for a city and its trash”!

Paula Aguirre aus Córdoba, Argentinien und ihre Schwester Mariángeles Aguirre aus Berlin, sind die zwei Künstlerinnen hinter tHERAPY recycle and exorcise, einer nachhaltigen Modemarke, die von Mariángeles 2012 gegründet wurde.

Wir lieben, was sie machen und kreieren, genauso wie das perfekte analoge Editorial, welches sie uns gesendet haben. Also, lies was Paula uns geschrieben hat, um zusammenfassend die Bedeutung ihres Labels zu beschreiben, und sieh dir die Foto-Serie “MÜLL – Visual essay for a city and its trash” an!

“tHERAPY recycle and exorcise is about reworked, recycled and upcycled vintage that we get by traveling around. We promote ethical and conscious fashion through our DIY project, and we sell our items through stores, pop ups and flea markets around America and Europe. We are always shooting all the Therapy looks around hotels, streets, cultures and different locations with the intention to show and share all the places that inspire us.”


“This editorial was shot on 35mm-film in Berlin; and talks about trash, garbage and all the things that we can take for upcycling, recycling and DIY and turn into new things. It shows our sustainable way to do Therapy and our trashy and vintage spirit.”


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84180009B 84180011Belicornejo.DoubleTherapy2

Everywhere is much garbage.

Trash is in your surrounding.

Trash in your flat.

Trash in your head.

Sometimes you don’t notice it,

the garbage


You live.

You work.

You try to relax.

You are confused.

You think: “What should I do with all this trash?”


Überall ist viel Müll.

Müll in deiner Umgebung.

Müll in deiner Wohnung.

Müll in deinem Kopf.

Manchmal merkst du ihn
gar nicht, den Müll.

Du lebst.

Du arbeitest.

Du versuchst dich zu entspannen.

Du bist verwirrt.

Du denkst: “Was soll ich mit all diesem Müll?”


Photography: Eli Cornejo
Styling: Mariángeles Aguirre
Kreuzberg, Berlin – Germany

Text: Zebra

Find more by tHERAPY recycle and exorcise here: / Finde Weiteres von Therapy Recycle and Exorcise hier:

Thank you!

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