Collective Hysteria – 60s Lounge

Collective Hysteria is a creative group of fashion photographers and stylists. Collective Hysteria was founded by Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes and Karolina Gendek-D’Andrea, followed by Marina Andrenucci.

The creative group is based in Rome, Italy. But they prefer to travel continuously around the world for getting new inspiration and creating new projects. One of their newest series you can see and read about the meaning today. Enjoy!

Collective Hysteria ist eine kreative Gruppe von Fotografinnen und Stylistinnen. Collective Hysteria wurde von Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes und Karolina Gendek-D’Andrea gegründet, gefolgt von Marina Andrenucci.

Die kreative Gruppe kommt aus Rom, Italien. Jedoch bevorzugen sie es verschiedene Städte und Orte auf der Welt zu bereisen und neue Inspiration zu kriegen, sowie neue Projekte zu kreieren. Eines ihrer neuesten Fotografie-Serien kannst du heute hier sehen und die Bedeutung dazu lesen. Viel Spaß!


bra NINA AND THE WOLF; jeans jacket vintage LEVI’S; trousers Alessandra Lanna Reworked Vintage; sandals Blocco 31


top Alessandra Lanna Rewored Vintage; trousers Francesco Maria Longo; rings Co.Ro


shirt Aroma30; rings Co.Ro


Shirt Alessandra Lanna Reworked Vintage; leather vest Veronique Verais; skirt Aroma 30; shoes Blocco31


jeans Levi’s vintage; tights Calzedonia; sandals Shopbop


jacket Veronique Verais; rings Co.Ro

05_MG_3634 Kopie

vest Veronique Verais; dress Alessandra Lanna Reworked vintage; tights Calzedonia

“60’s Lounge is the story of a day that tastes like spring and laziness.

1960, the computer-internet-sharing era is very far away, and a young girl bored by a quiete day, is trying to have some fun. Struggling among her books and desperately abandoning herself to a dreaming lethargy.

Her tender and sleepy simile is define by the purity of a vintage enveloping light entering from the window. The smoothness of her skin contrasts with the vibrant rays of red coming from the corners of a bohemian empty space, that reveals itself trough the typical analog mood of the time.”


Photographer: Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes

Stylist: Karolina Gendek – D’Andrea

Assistant: Livia Santangelo

Model: Stella Kerxhall

Make-up and Hair Styling: Silvia Neri

Text: Collective Hysteria

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