Zen Femme Fatale

Remember the editorial “Iridescent Ivy”? Today we show you another image-series by Seattle-based artists Frankié Betheny Viérra (styling, conceptual artist) and Ben Lindbloom (photographer). Dive into a mystical surrounding.

Erinnerst du dich noch an das Editorial “Iridescent Ivy”? Heute zeigen wir dir eine andere Bilder-Serie von den Künstlern Frankié Betheny Viérra (Styling, Konzeption) und Ben Lindbloom (Fotograf) aus Seattle. Trete ein, in eine mystische Umgebung.

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Dragon lady femme fatale. She plots and schemes methodically in her zen sanctuary. Her hypnotizing mystique. She inhales your soul if you look deep into her eyes too long.”


Photography: Ben Lindbloom

Styling, conceptional artist & hair and make up: Frankié Betheny Viérra

Model: Isabel Arcelia Trujillo

Wardrobe: vintage; shoes YRU Qozmo

Text: Frankié Betheny Viérra

Thanks you!

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