Glenn Pritchard – Slow Death

Slow Death

Photographer Glenn Pritchard from Toronto, Canada, knows how to capture moments full of atmosphere and suspense. See his editorial “Slow Death” and let the pictures impact on you.

Fotograf Glenn Pritchard aus Toronto, Kanada, weiß, wie man Momente voll von Atmosphäre und Spannung festhält. Sieh sein Editorial “Slow Death” und lass die Bilder auf dich einwirken.

Slow Death51Slow DeathSlow DeathSlow DeathSlow DeathSlow Death Slow Death Slow Death Slow Death

“Like a cigarette rests on fingertips,
and when the scratch on my back needs an itch,
sometimes she lifts me up-sometimes she’s a bitch,
I’m inhaling slow death through these lips.”


 Photography & Poem: Glenn Pritchard
Models: Laurence Ellis & rapper GMILLA
Clothes by: Tolu Ogundare of Beaucoup

Click on the links below and you can visit Glenn’s sites: / Klicke auf die untenstehenden Links und du findest weitere Arbeiten von Glenn:

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