Kara Hamilton – Schism

Kara Hamilton who currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, creates a special photography-art. We were fascinated by the colours and surrealism of her series “Schism”. Let’s scroll down and see it!

Kara Hamilton, die zur Zeit in Chicago, Illinois, lebt, kreiert besondere Fotografie-Kunst. Wir waren fasziniert von den Farben und den surrealistischen Elementen ihres Editorial “Schism”. Los gehts!

“Schism is a series that originated out of mental distress. Through cerebral materials, colors, and lighting, I wanted to evoke the overwhelming state of interacting with one’s own mind.”

Kara_Hamilton_4 Kara_Hamilton_1 Kara_Hamilton_3 Kara_Hamilton_2

“I made this series after receiving some bad news about an old friend that I couldn’t process. My perception bubble felt like it burst. I was still holding onto one reality and yet another now existed simultaneously. I wanted to represent this mental and spiritual clash through flashing between color and black and white, and by also juxtaposing imagery representing the conscious and subconscious mind.”

Kara_Hamilton_7 Kara_Hamilton_8 Kara_Hamilton_5 Kara_Hamilton_9 Kara_Hamilton_11 Kara_Hamilton_10 Kara_Hamilton_12

“I wanted to explore these feelings in order to further understand them. To process and portray my own struggle, and to convey what it feels like to step outside of your mind, and to also be stuck inside of it.”

The whole editorial was photographed and modeled by Kara herself. Also the design arose from her fantasy.

Das ganze Editorial wurde yon Kara selbst fotografiert, sowie gemodelt. Auch das Design entsprang ihrer Fantasie.

Click on the links below and you will see much more works by Kara. / Klicke auf die untenstehenden Links und du wirst noch weitere Arbeiten von Kara sehen.

Many thanks!

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