Ana Pettoello – Mixed

“Mixed” is the name of the fashion-brand by Argentina-based artist and designer Ana Pettoello. She knows how to give beautiful designs and embroidery a grungy atmosphere. Respect!

“Mixed” ist der Name der designten Kleidungsstücke und Accessoires der Künstlerin Ana Petoello aus Argentinien. Sie weiß, wie man schönen und glitzernden Designs und Stickereien eine “grungige” Atmosphäre verleiht. Respekt!



PicsArt_1425174386924(1) Kopie PicsArt_1425174499716 Kopie


Ana told us a bit about her work, her designs and what inspires her. / Ana erzählte uns ein wenig über ihre Arbeit, ihre Designs und was sie inspiriert.

“I started working in fashion some years ago, and I’ve loved fashion ever since I can recall. I’ve learnt mostly by myself but also while working with important designers and major brands in my country. I still keep on working with and for other people, but this year I’ve decided to start my own dreamed project.



As a result, I’ve designed my first collection which represents things I like: feminine clothes with great attention to details, always contrasting luxe and elegance to urban and everyday wear.

I’ve done so by mixing simple fabrics like gabardine, neoprene, cotton and wool with stones and other shinny elements. The tendency of mix match is present in all clothes. There’s also an object of desire, which is the protagonist of my collection and of all the projects I’ve worked in as a designer: the headpieces or fashion crowns.

PicsArt_1425179354774 PicsArt_1425426602214
PicsArt_1425426413141 PicsArt_1425430293788



“Sky with diamonds” – Illustration by Ana


They’re shown as wearable in different situations, both formal and informal.

I was deeply inspired by street style and grunge for designing this collections. I took references from music icons such as Courtney Love.

All work is carried out in my own workshop, and it’s 100% handcraft.”


Styling & design: Ana Pettoello
Model: Ana Pettoello

For following her next projects you should visit these links: / Um Weitere von Anas Projekten zu sehen, solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:

Many thanks!

One response to “Ana Pettoello – Mixed

  1. …I especially like the photo “young lady with the white dress on the grass”, in the back “Efeu”, in front “branches of a tree”; the contrast of different structure in nature and the white one in the sun….nice
    Grüße Micha


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