Who is the band Ilser from Newcastle (UK)? How sounds their music?

Enjoy an interview with the band and an interesting article by the author of “This Year In Music” Nick Roseblade.

We are sure at the end you will be addicted by their unique sound!



You are also a punk-band. What means punk for you and how does punk influence your music?

We don’t tend to think about the genre of music, we just write and see what happens. We keep joking that every song we write comes out a different genre. I suppose punk is known for its attitude and we love music that has a bit of grit and attitude.

Since when does Ilser exist, how many members are included in your band and how develops the idea to form the band?

We have been together since the end of 2013, but have only been gigging as a three piece for less then a year. Myself (Rachael) and Jakko (bass) have known each other for years and did a college course together. Scott (drums) and Jakko had been in a previous band together. We met to Jam some tracks I wrote at university and it went from there.

Originally we were a four piece with a second guitar but it has worked out very well as a three piece. The songs have changed so much since we first started and I’m glad of that. The tracks I wrote at university were very rigid and I was a very inexperienced writer. Now we write together and having Scott and Jakko there to bounce ideas off has made our songs a lot more dynamic.

You are from Newcastle. Do you give most of your gigs there or do you play in other towns as well?

The majority of our gigs have been in Newcastle so far but we hope to branch out in the future.

We have never been in Newcastle. What are interesting things there/ what places you can recommend to visit?

At the moment there are loads of really great bands here. It’s a bit cold and grey a lot of the time but if you can brave the weather then you can always find something going on. We generally end up going to gigs if we are looking for something to do, however there are some great places to eat and drink, Newcastle is known for its nightlife. There are also a few interesting art galleries too.

Do you have other bands that you really like or that inspire you? What are your favourite band(s) of the 90s?

As you can probably tell from our music we love the 90’s. Bands such as Pearl Jam, Pantera, Alice in Chains and Nirvana have greatly influenced us as Musicians. However we listen to such a wide range of music from Acoustic Folk to Metal. Anything that we feel is sincerely written and usually with a great riff or two!

Describe  every band-member of Ilser with only two words.

I would say passionate and conscientious.

Do you also make something other except playing in the band or is the band a full-time “job” for you?

We would love the band to be a full time job! However we all currently work as well but the band always comes first.

Please name a dream-country where you wish to give a concert and why?

Anywhere that would have us!

Last question: What does Ilser mean / or for what your band-name stands for?

The name was just meant as a joke originally, it’s from a film. We spent months trying to think of a name and Ilser was just meant to be temporary but it kind of stuck and it’s grown on us.



Nick Roseblade who also wrote the article about New Order was the one who brought our attention to the band. He wrote a review to Ilser’s unique song “Led By Silence”.

Ethereal Post-Punk by the North East’s new hidden secret

“The words ethereal and punk don’t normally go together. Ethereal normally goes with folk, pop and jazz. Newcastle’s Ilser don’t have a problem mixing styles to create something new. In fact, given the strength of their debut single, it appears they don’t have any problems doing anything.

Led By Silence is a masterclass in the quiet/loud formula. Opening with a delicate feedback, the kind that envelopes you. A pretty guitar chord progression carries this on until luscious vocals kick in. So far it’s all very nice, but a bit light and airy, then at one minute forty BAM a wall of drums and guitars fills the mix and things take a heavier turn. This sudden explosion of noise is very welcome. Sounding like Esben and the Witch covering early Smashing Pumpkins, the track continues along this pattern until it sadly ends. Forgotten Youth has a simpler structure. The whole track is based on a few chords. These chords are played again and again in a drone like mantra until its conclusion.

As the year is still young, let’s hope for more of the same from this trio. April and May sees them take to road for a trio of gigs. All sadly in the North East. After these two tracks I’m chomping at the bit to hear more, let’s hope we don’t have to wait long to hear this exciting channel their influences and experiences.”


Read more of Nick Roseblade’s articles about music on his website or folow him on Twitter.


This fantastic artwork was designed by Rachael. Respect!

It is finally time to listen to Ilser’s song “Led By Silence”.

Get more info and listen to Ilser’s music by visiting these sites:

Many thanks to all of you!

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