Raelene Giffin – Lightness

When we received the photography-submission by Toronto-based artist Raelene Giffin we were totally impressed by the clearness and the mastered contrast between light coulours and brightness and on the other side the edgy appearance of makeup and clothes.

So we were interested who was the makeup-artist, the stylist and the model in this photo-project… However, Raelene wrote us back that she made this project alone. She is the photographer, model, and also the style was made by herself. That’s impressive! Isn’t it?

Als wir die Fotografien von der Künstlerin Raelene Giffin aus Toronto (Kanada) zugesandt bekamen, waren wir  beeindruckt von der Klarheit und des gekonnten Kontrastes zwischen hellen Farben und Leichtigkeit und andererseits von dem “rauheren” Aussehen von Make-up und Kleidung.

Also waren wir interessiert, wer Make-up-Artist, Stylist und Model waren… Jedoch, schrieb uns Raelene, dass sie diese Foto-Serie alleine gemacht hatte. Sie ist die Fotografin, das Model und auch der Stil war ihre Idee. Das ist beeindruckend! Oder?

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My style is usually really light and dreamy so I still used that in my photos but I added an edgier twist through the use of makeup and clothes. […]


Why is life so hard

Full of duties, stress and negative things?

Why isn’t life light and

cheery and full of positivity?


‘Cause life is heavy play.

But seeing it as a play makes it more easier to enjoy the brightness of life

The lightness that comes to my mind

And brings me back to a dreamy, wonderful place.


I’ve been taking pictures for a long time but I have recently decided that I want to do this for a living.


Photography, styling, model: Raelene Giffin

Clothes: from a thrift store (“Value Village”)

Quotes: Raelene Giffin

Text: Lia

To see more of Raelene’s unique photography-style you should visit these sites: / Um noch weitere, einzigartige Fotografien von Raelene zu sehen, solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:

Many thanks!

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