Igor Termenón – Moments

Igor Termenón is not only a great photographer. He is also the editor of the photography – books “Girls on Film/ Boys on Film” and the small, fine and artistic zines that have the same name as the photo-books.

By looking at Igor’s photographs you recognize the really natural atmosphere. Surrounding, colours and the person – it is like a captured moment that suddenly came alive, then was caught with the camera before it was forever gone.


Igor Termenón ist nicht nur ein großartiger Fotograf. Er ist auch der Redakteur von den Fotografie-Büchern “Girls on Film/ Boys on Film” und den kleinen, feinen und kunstvollen Magazine, die den gleichen Namen wie die Fotobücher haben.

Igors Fotografien spiegeln eine sehr natürliche Atmosphäre wider. Umgebung, Farben und die Person – es ist wie ein eingefangener Moment, der plötzlich lebendig war und dann mit der Kamera gefangen wurde, bevor er für immer verschwand.


Again, we created a short but really interesting interview with Igor, so be curious! / Und wieder gibt es kleines aber interessantes Interview; also sei gespannt!

Some days ago we ordered a copy of your zine ”Girls on Film“. We were surprised when we got the information that the “zine will now be printed” and would be shipped after that. Do you print them by yourself? It’s fascinating!

Thanks a lot for ordering a copy! I use MagCloud for printing and distributing the zine – it’s an online service that basically prints a copy on demand, when someone orders it. Unfortunately I don’t print them myself so it’s not really that interesting!

You take the so called “snapshot-photography”. The models that we can see on your photographs appear relaxed and don’t pose. How do you bring them to look so naturally?

I guess I let them be themselves in front of the camera. I don’t really like to give much direction during a shoot, I normally just tell the model to be relaxed and let them do their own thing.

Igor-Termenon-8 Igor-Termenon-3 Igor-Termenon-12

We really liked the zine. There were lots of unique and inspired photographs. How many submission-emails do you get on a normal day?

It really depends on the day but sometimes I can get between 10 and 15 people a day sending me their work to be published on the website and the zine. I wish I could reply to all the emails I receive personally but that’s impossible to me due to time constraints as I’m involved in other projects in my day to day.

You are originally from Spain but you are currently based in Scotland and London. There is a totally different climate! Do you wish on some days to be back in the south?

Well, I’m actually from the north west of Spain and the weather is not as great as in the south or the Mediterranean coast! It’s usually quite hot in summer but winters can be really cold. Having said that, I miss having a proper summer here in Scotland.

How do you like to spend your weekend: do you like to travel and take photographs or do you prefer to stay at home thinking about new projects and reading a book?

I’m usually working on many different things on weekends so when I have some free time I enjoy going for a walk around my neighbourhood, discovering new cafes and reading magazines.

What are your favourite magazines/ zines? Do you also love to read them, especially independent ones?

I’m not sure I have a favourite but some magazines I like include The Travel Almanac, Apartamento, Bad Day…I use to be much more involved with independent publishing and zines, and used to run a series of posts on my blog called ‘Sunday Zine Review’, but over the past couple of years I’ve started to get involved in other projects and don’t have as much free time as I wish to read magazines!

We read that you mostly/ always take your pictures with analogue cameras. However, have you made a good experience by shooting with a digital camera as well?

At the moment, 95% of my photography work is analogue. I use digital every once in a while for commissions like street style, but I feel more comfortable with film and I think it represents my style so much better.

Igor-Termenon-4 Igor-Termenon-7 Igor-Termenon-11 Igor-Termenon-1 Igor-Termenon-5

How much time do you spend by taking photographs a day?

I don’t really take photographs every day. Most days I spend more time editing and contacting people via email than actually taking photographs. Again, it depends, but I usually have a fashion shoot once or twice a month and shoot portraits and other personal projects once a week.

The books “Girls / Boys on Film” also include interviews with the photographers. Do you create the questions by yourself? What is your favourite question?

The books are published by Korean publisher SSE Project but I have in charge of selecting the photographers, their images and coming up with the interview questions. I think I have a couple of favourite questions, they would be ‘when did you start taking photographs?’ and ‘why do you shoot film?’.

Taking photographs is your job and your hobby. Have you a second hobby that you prefer the most?

I’m not sure watching reality TV shows can be considered a hobby, but I have to say that!

How should a “perfect” photograph look according to your opinion?

When the model, styling and location blend together.


 About what you can be happy the most?

I’m usually quite happy when I receive emails with good news. 🙂


Igor-Termenon-2 Igor-Termenon-10

Follow these links and you will find much more photographs by Igor Termenón: / Folge diesen Links und du wirst noch weitere Fotografien von Igor Termenón finden:

Thanks a lot!

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