Jochen Viegener – Illustrations, Colours, Expression

It’s really great that we can present you some illustrations, collages and drawings today. London-based artist Jochen Viegener sent us some of his artworks over.

Thanks for that!


Es ist schön, dass wir dir heute einige Illustrationen, Collagen und Zeichnungen zeigen können. Jochen Viegener aus London sendete uns ein paar seiner Kunstwerke zu.

Danke dafür!



'Dance Circumstance' by Jochen Viegener Jochen Viegener_Flower Hand Kopie

Jochen Viegener_ Face-Mask

Here follows an interesting interview with the artist!

Hier folgt ein interessantes Interview mit dem Künstler!

You illustrate and make collages. You design CD-covers, T-shirts, Zines,… What of these arts do you enjoy the most?

Actually I do enjoy doing all different kinds of arts and to experiment with combining them. Often I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and use collage elements in illustrations and the other way round. I think the different types of art benefit from each other and you can draw many crosslines. Medium wise I really enjoy using some designs I created on apparel as people can wear it and it is not limited to a frame on the wall.

How long do you need for an illustration? Does it depend on your mood?

Normally the time that I need for an illustration depends on each piece individually. Sometimes I draw many sketches for days until I got a concept that I think will be good enough. On other days I do several illustrations in a few hours; it just really depends on my mood and if I got other projects to do as well. For some works I need to do a lot of research to get more depth and it takes more time but I try to create something new every day.

Do you like to hear music when you work or do you prefer to work in silence?

I hear music all the time while I work on projects and it gives me a certain atmosphere to get into working mood. I often listen to metal and rock music but also like instrumental music like film soundtracks. My top 3 albums at the moment are:

  1. Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor
  2. Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter
  3. From First To Last – Throne To The Wolves

When did you start with your artworks?

That is a hard question. I cannot actually remember when I started really digging fine arts and illustration, I think it was when I was 15 maybe that I started to draw and paint a lot. I had a really good art teacher at school who encouraged me to take my work further all the time and kept pushing me. Over the years I was introduced to different artists and working methods. I just kept experimenting and still try to develop my work further every day.

Jochen Viegener_Deadhead Part 3

You are from London. What is/are your favourite place(s) there?

I’m not originally from London, actually I moved here with my girlfriend around three years ago to study. So far my favourite places are the Huntarian Museum, Tate Modern and literally every art shop you can find.

Where do you live in London (in which neighbourhood)?

I live in Elephant & Castle which is in South London.

If you think about England you also think about good tea-sorts. What do you prefer more tea or coffee?

Coffee Coffee Coffee, and sometimes tea.

What means “abstraction” for you?

Abstraction is something that is very difficult. You can have an abstract thought/ idea/ concept in your head that is very clear to you. And you can transfer it by all your means through your hands onto or into a chosen medium but person that is you will never get the same emotional reaction to it as you. The reaction can come close, intended or not, but it is always a result of the individual.

Jochen Viegener_ Deadheads Part 2

For whom do you would like to work in the future and have you already worked creative today?

Actually today I worked on a model for a presentation collaborative group project on postboxes.

In the future I would love to work with many different people, especially artists that influenced me like Kyle Crawford or Alex Pardee. I would also love to work with different brands or bands, magazines or anything arts related.

Jochen-Viegener_Ride-or-Die Jochen Viegener_Moon Walker Jochen Viegener_Moon Walker Part 2

There are lots more artworks by Jochen, so you should visit these sites: / Es gibt noch viele weitere Arbeiten von Jochen, also solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:



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