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She is a designer, plays in her band “From The Institute”, writes on her blog and has an incredibly good fashion-taste.

We are agreed that Jennifer (Jenn) Potter from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a multitask artist.


Sie ist Designerin, spielt in ihrer Band “From The Institute”, schreibt an ihrem Blog und hat einen unglaublich guten Mode-Geschmack.

Wir sind uns sicher, Jennifer (Jenn) Potter aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien, ist eine Multitask – Künstlerin.

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We wrote Jenn some questions about her designs, her style and her individuality. Be curious!

Wir schrieben Jenn einige Fragen zu ihren Designs, ihrem Stil und ihrer Individualität. Sei gespannt!

For us your style seems to show the contrast between elegance and grunge. How did you find your unique style?

I love mixing grunge with something more elegant and feminine, I feel identified with that and with the Gothic style as well.

You have an own online-store where do you sell your self-designed clothes. Which different fashion-styles play an important role in your designs?

Grunge and Gothic, but in a simple and effortless way.

Designs 1 Designs 2

Some impressions of the designed clothes by Jenn. / Einige Eindrücke von Jenns designten Sachen.

You have a Lookbook-account and besides you have your personal blog where you show your outfits. Do you create your outfits spontaneously in some minutes or do you need a certain time?

Most of the times I create them spontaneously but sometimes, when I have a specific idea in my head, I need some time to make/find the clothes and also make or find the right accessories.

Chokers Necklace

Your lilac coloured hair is really amazing. It’s extravagant. Do you want to explain something extravagant with your designs as well?

No, I like to keep my designs simple, and not very over-designed.

Your Instagram-account is well attended. We find it great that you also follow accounts that haven’t so much followers or likes. You are not insolent in that way :). Zebra want to know what “arrogant” or rather “insolent” means for you.

When a person believes, act or talk like if they were in some way superior to everybody else. Such a horrible thing to do to other person.

How much time remains for yourself on one day or rather have you much free time? Because you are also playing in your band. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Some days I have a lot of free time and on others I don’t have any. When I have free time I like to spend it with my boyfriend listening to music, drinking something or playing some video-games, we have a lot of fun.

What means “success” for you?

As cliché that it may sounds, to me being successful is just being happy, with your life, with who you are and with what you do and every day, enjoying the simple things.

Do you like adventures? Would you like to participate on something that could be dangerous?

I like adventures, and yes, I’d like to participate in something dangerous, but no too dangerous haha.

We really like your photographs. And we asked ourselves whether you take them all alone or do you get help from someone? And what camera do you prefer to use?

I take them with a tripod, and sometimes my boyfriend takes them. I don’t have much experience with cameras, I use a canon T3 and I like it, also, I’d love to experiment with analog cameras in the future.

What are your favourite shoes or boots? Have you a favourite brand?

I love creepers and chunky ankle boots. No, I don’t have a favourite brand.

Where do you prefer to buy your jewellery like the chokers or crystal necklaces? They look dreamy.

I prefer buying them from independent designers or small shops, I also make some of my jewellery by myself.

Can you laugh about your faults and is it bad for you to make faults?

Yes, I laugh about my faults, it’s not bad, as long as they’re not serious.

Describe a day in your life that doesn’t go according to plan at all (like a “black letter day”).

When I have to go to a rehearsal, or another important thing and the car broke down one minute before.

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Outfit 1

See more of Jenn’s style and her creative projects by visiting the links below: / Sieh mehr von Jenns Stil und ihren kreativen Projekten, indem du diesen Links folgst:

Many thanks!

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