Heather Reese – Associations

Heather M. Reese is a fashion editorial and fine art photographer from the United States. Her creations and images stays in your head after viewing – they are grungy and disturbing and unique, they are special in a positive way.

However, look!

Heather M. Reese ist eine Fashion Editorial und Kunst-Fotografin aus den USA. Ihre Kreationen und Bilder bleiben in deinem Kopf, nachdem du sie dir ansiehst – sie sind “grungig” und aufwühlend und einzigartig, sie sind speziell im positiven Sinne.

Doch schau selbst!

mixedmedia mixedmediahm

Alex_Edit-36 Alex_Edit-12

The next three photographs are from an editorial shoot Heather did a week ago.

Read how Heather explained the meaning behind the images:

“I did that shoot as a fine art piece where I took 8 bible versus that were extremely offensive and damaging to women and depicted them graphically through imagery. The crown of thorns is made of burnt cigarettes and condoms and the model was depicted as the holy spirit and the virgin Mary. It was a piece I felt really compelled to create because I grew up extremely religious and now that I am older I understand the damage it caused for me to feel so guilty about my sexuality and especially to feel like I had no right to question my faith. Women are depicted in the bible as ignorant and compared to feces and held no worth, when in reality, we are the reason there are men walking around on this planet. So I was really excited to do the series.”

Religious_Shoot (8 of 41) Religious_Shoot-(9-of-41) Religious_Shoot (10 of 41) Bianca1


Photography & Styling: Heather M. Reese

Model (3rd and 4th picture): Alex Gonzales

Model (5th, 6th and 7th picture): Diana Jean Oliphant

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Coasdill


See more of Heather’s characteristic art by clicking on the links below: / Weitere Bilder von Heather’s charakteristischer Kunst befinden sich hier:

Thank you, Heather!


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