Never Monday

Colourful colours, glitter and fluffy materials – that catches one’s eye when you see the photographs in Aimee Paget’s Instagram-account.

Never Monday is the fashion brand of Glasgow based artist Aimee Paget and her designed clothes appear happy, confident and let forget you the stress of reality.


Bunte Farben, Glitzer und flauschige Stoffe – das alles fällt auf, wenn man die Bilder in Aimee Pagets Instagram-account sieht.

Never Monday ist die Modemarke von der Künstlerin Aimee Paget aus Glasgow. Ihre designten Sachen wirken fröhlich, selbstbewusst und lassen dich den Stress der Realität vergessen.


Photograph by Aimee Paget


Photograph by Jack Brennan

IMG_5592 Kopie IMG_5998 Kopie

Photography by Mel Carrero; Models: No Frills Twins


Photograph by Aimee Paget; Model: Katherine Clark

We asked the designer Aimee some questions. (Because as you already know we love interviews.) ☆

Your brand is called ”Never Monday“. That’s remarkable. Do you dislike Mondays?

A goal of mine is to find a career that I enjoy. People have negative attitudes to Monday as it means back to work. I believe everyone should try find something that makes them happy and that way you can enjoy every day.

Our first impression when we saw your designed clothes was that it reminded us of the 80s and 90s. Those were great years. What do you think about these years?

I grew up in the 90s, I think I was too young to appreciate the fashions at the time so now I’m embracing them, it’s great that the 90s style has come back in. It’s such a fun decade to get inspiration from.

Your designed clothes are colourful and you also use glitter and pompoms/ fluffy materials. That’s fascinating! What do you want to express with your designed clothes?

My brand is about having fun and embracing your inner child. Don’t hold back on the way you want to look, dress for yourself and enjoy it. I wish I was braver with my clothing choices, designing clothes for others let me be creative as I like.

Do you wear what you want or do you care about other peoples’ opinions?

I do wear what I want but sometimes I hold back slightly as I don’t want to stand out too much, I am gradually getting more confident in the way I dress and hopefully I will be dressed head to toe in Never Monday and feel awesome! When I design I design for someone who it fearless in the way they dress, it’s almost like an alterego.

You live in the north. Do you like to travel to countries with warm temperatures and much sun?

Yes I love traveling, you get so much inspiration from other countries. Not just the way other nationalities dress, but from street art and architecture.

English is a world-language. Which languages would you like to speak as well?

I studied french at school, but am nowhere near fluent, it would be nice to improve that. Also if I ever travel abroad I love learning what words I can in the small time I am there.

Tell us your wish for this day.

My wish for the day is to be productive!


Photograph by: TEO Magazine


 Photograph by Aimee Paget; Model: Katherine Clark


il_570xN.621410895_1k2t Kopie il_570xN.621411065_2jfd Kopie


Photograph by Aimee Paget


Photograph by Bethany Grace

Here you can get some of the unique pieces designed by Aimee: / Hier kannst du einige von Aimees designten Sachen erhalten:

Thank you, Aimee!

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