Collective Hysteria – NY Punk State of Mind

Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes & Karolina Gendek-D’Andrea from Rome (Italy) are the two founders of  Collective Hysteria.

Collective Hysteria is a group of 4 people, Marina Andrenucci & Sara Lecci are the two other members, of fashion photographers and fashion stylists. With their projects they want to show a creative image thinking. Passing different cities like New York or Berlin they are always looking for new inspiration. For the project “New York Punk State of Mind” they photographed streets and places in New York City, however in an interesting, unique way.

Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes & Karolina Gendek-D’Andrea aus Rom (Italien) sind die zwei Gründerinnen von Collective Hysteria.

Collective Hysteria ist eine Gruppe yon 4 Leuten, Marina Andrenucci & Sara Lecci, von Fotografen und Stylisten. Mit ihren Projekten wollen sie ein kreatives Bilder-Denken vermitteln. Beim Besuchen verschiedener Städte, wie New York oder Berlin, halten sie immer Ausschau nach neuer Inspiration. Für ihr Projekt “New York Punk State of Mind” fotografierten sie Straßen und Plätze in New York City, jedoch auf  interessante, einzigartige Art.

01_MG_5891 02_MG_6122 03_MG_5972 04_MG_6083 05_MG_5931 06_MG_6199

1. Clutch Mary Lai New York

2. Clutch Mary Lai New York

3. Bracelet & Earrings Vivienne Kelly

4. Clutch Mary Lai New York

5. Clutch Mary Lai New York

6. Satchel Shana Luther Handbags Brooklyn NY

The meaning behind the images Collective Hysteria wrote: / Die Bedeutung hinter den Bildern, die Collective Hysteria schrieb:

“NY Punk State of Mind tells the story of a generation who is completely immersed in a world of locks, screams and punches full of vivid colors and confusion.

It was 1975 , it was punk, and it was The Ramones. An accumulation of dirty black leather jackets that wandered in the streets of the East Village.

If the anarchic par excellence, Johnny Rotten, singer of the Sex Pistols, had ever been a king –as he often said- his kingdom would have been the streets, and in New York that kingdom began at St. Markers place.

Almost 39 years and 3 months after the death of the last of the real bad boys, Dee Dee Ramone, you can still feel his energy dominating the streets and you can imagine him get in the Trash and Vundeville for a new studded jacket.

NY Punk State of Mind looks into those streets, those colors, that energy, that sacrilegious mix of emotions that have transformed punk into something irresistible; it travels through the places and hues of that desire of punches and freedom, and it then returns to the present times with the inevitable nostalgia of that desire.”



Photography: Cristiana Bezerra de Menezes

Stylist: Karolina Gendek-D’Andrea

Text: Collective Hysteria

Are you curious to see more of the projects by Collective Hyteria? Then you should visit these sites: / Bist du gespannt darauf, noch weitere Projekte von Collective Hysteria zu sehen? Dann solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:

Thanks you for the great images and text!

6 responses to “Collective Hysteria – NY Punk State of Mind

  1. Ach, der gute alte St Marks Place…… sehr schön, da werden Erinnerungen wach! Danke für diesen tollen Beitrag + viele Grüße, Gerhard
    (p.s. Dee Dee Ramone ist aber nicht bereits seit 39 Jahren tot, er starb 2002)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Danke!
    Oh, da werde ich die Künstlerin ma fragen, ob ich den Fehler korrigieren kann.
    Viele Grüße! 🙂


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