Julia Alejandra from Argentina is the founder and designer of “IULKA”.

“IULKA” is the name of an unique and, for Zebra and me cheerful-acting, brand. Therefore we want to present you a fashion-designer and really kind creative person.

Julia Alejandra aus Argentinien ist die Gründerin und Designerin von “IULKA”.

“IULKA” ist der Name ihres Labels, welches einzigartig und, auf Zebra und mich föhlich-wirkend, ist. Somit wollen wir eine Modedesignerin und sehr freundliche Künstlerin vorstellen.

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I love interviews because so you can get a first impression of the artist. Thus I asked Julia some questions. Be curious!

(On this place we want to apologize if there are some mistakes because English isn’t our native language… But we made the best of it!)

Ich liebe Interviews, denn dadurch kann man schon einen ersten Eindruck von einer Person erhalten. Also stellte ich Julia ein paar Fragen. Sei gespannt!

(An dieser Stelle wollen wir uns entschuldigen, wenn sich einige Fehler im Interview (sprachlich) finden, denn Englisch ist leider nicht unsere Muttersprache… Aber wir haben das Beste daraus gemacht!)


How developed the idea to create your own fashion?

Well, I’m a fashion designer since 2010.
In the last years of school I decided to start my own project. It begins as a test…as a game. Sometimes I did things more often, sometimes not; it depends on  school’s time and some work. Finally when I graduated I took a long trip for myself (for 10 months in Mexico mostly). But I couldn’t handle with myself, my ideas and my desire to do things all the time, so even on that trip I designed clothes, accessories, and it went very well.
When I came back home I continued with my project, and other works too (mostly cause there it’s really difficult to live from an independent brand like this in my country.) I’m also a fashion designer and production responsible on a bigger and established brand.
By things of life, it was always there, but not in the foreground. 2014, I decided to relaunch (really seriously) my brand. Because this is what I really love to do, and what I want for my life.

Do you want to tell what “IULKA” means or stands for?

This is a cute story in fact. I was born (and still live) in Argentina. My grandparents (on my moms side) were Italians, and my grandparents (on my dads side) are Ukrainian. My name is Julia, when I was a kid my Ukrainian grandfather nicknamed me IULKA, it means “little Julia” in Ukrainian language. I always loved that nickname, and my brand has a lot from my roots, my family, my childhood, where I come from… So in fact, I named it naturally, almost unconsciously, but it’s the perfect synthesis of what my brand stands for and wants to tell.
IULKA is an independent brand. We believe in recycled, responsible work, reuse of materials and clothes too. We love and worry about environment, earth and animals.
We do capsule collections, small and more often. Because we think it’s interesting what happened between summer and winter too.
We design unique clothes or almost unique ones. We don’t produce a lot of each item. We like to pay attention to every item, every detail. Every little thing deserves all the time it needs, that’s our way to make the clothes perfect for us.
Also we have a section of vintage clothes (it runs parallel with our own collections): IULKA 2nd-hand. They are treasures that we found, and specially selected by us, items with a lot of stories to tell and so much more to live.

01 Kopie 06 Kopie
03 Kopie 04 Kopie


some impressions of IULKA 2nd-hand / einige Eindrücke von IULKA 2nd-hand (Vintage)

What do you like about your work the most?

I enjoy the process a lot. But when I actually see the results, the finished collections, that’s when I say to myself “WOOW! I did it!” It makes me really happy. Makes me feel “I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!” It feels really heartwarming that all the hard work makes sense.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes mostly from my roots, my childhood, my hood, memories from those days but also what happened to me everyday, from the daily. So with all of that I make a mash up and design the collections.

Do you work alone or in a team?

In fact it’s my own project, but I have a partner who helps me a lot, mostly with graphic issues and communication. Through the process of every collection I used to work with a lot of artists and friends that share the same way to work: loving what they do. So I always think that IULKA is a “we” and not a “me”

The colours of your clothes make a happy impression. Are you a happy person as well?

Love this question! I love that IULKA expresses happiness. YES, definitely, I am. I think the world has so many bad things for itself that it’s silly to add more problems. I prefer to look or took everything that happens in my life in a positive way, when it’s possible. And I try to express this with IULKA as well.

Do you also wear your own designed clothes?

Yes! IULKA is a part of me, and I love every thing I do. One condition on my way to design is to create comfortable clothes, nice and comfortable ones, ’cause that’s how I look on clothes.

Where do you live in Argentina and how looks your home?

I live in Buenos Aires, in Villa Ballester a hood outside downtown. I was born and live all my life here; I have a special connection with this town… It’s a part of my inspiration too.
And my home: it’s a small but loved apartment, where I used to work too. I like design in all its disciplines, so I enjoy decorating too. Most of my furniture are vintage stuff from my family, friends or found that aren’t used anymore, and I recycle them.

What are the name(s) of your pet(s)?

I don’t have one at the moment 😦 . I love animals but I currently live in a small apartment and it would be very selfish of me if I would give a pet an inappropriate place. So I prefer to sacrifice my wants for a pet than his/her happiness.
However, when I lived with my parents I had my lovely dog. The dog was (she passed away a few years ago) my life, she was THE center of our house, and another member of the family. Her name was HRUBA, in Ukranian language (again) it means FAT. She was the cutest English-bulldog on earth! I still love her so much.

What is a perfect weekend for you?

It could be any. On summer, for example, it could be a quiet place near the river having some fruit juice, hanging with my friends and reading a book, eating something delicious (I need one of those weekends). In winter it could be spending all weekend watching nice movies eating popcorn, chocolate and drinking coffee… I love spending time at home.

What means a sad day for you?

Doing nothing, a day without soul.

Would you like to skydive?

That! That fears me! I would love to have the brave to do it, but I’m a little fearful to that kind of things.

Do you wish to live in another country? If yes, what country(ies)?

I love to travel to… WHATEVER! I love, love, really love to travel. But I think I love it where I live too. Just for a couple of months or years I would like to live anywhere, but not forever, I need my family and my friends to complete my entire happiness.

Imagine that you have two wishes that come true. What are these wishes?

One: to do almost 1 travel to another country a year.
Two: to live from my beloved IULKA
(Sorry I need to add another wish… To have a house where I can have a dog.)

Are there warm temperatures in Argentina right now? (You have to know here in Germany it’s winter and it’s really cold outside and snow falls down…)

We have summer now. While I’m writing it’s 30ºC outside! We are melting haha!

Describe the style of your designed clothes in three words.

Friendly mash up clothes. Or friendly, fun, and mash up.




Catalogo_02 Kopie Catalogo_05 Kopie
Catalogo_09 Kopie Catalogo_16 Kopie
Catalogo_27 Kopie Remera GATO v Kopie
Catalogo_29 Kopie Catalogo_10 Kopie

Some pieces of the collections by IULKA. She designed so much more unique, lovely clothes. / Einige Kleidungsstücke aus IULKAs Kollektion. Julia kreiert noch so viel mehr liebevolle Stücke.


12 14

Oh how I like to wear socks with sandals! I find this style so great because it’s a contrast and looks so casual but in an interesting way. I can’t just await for summer when I’ll wear my sandals with socks.

Socken mit Schlappen oder Sandalen – ich liebe diese Kombination, denn es hat was! Es ist ein Kontrast und sieht ungezwungen aus, auf eine interessante Art und Weise. Ich kann den Sommer kaum schon erwarten.

13 18 19

If you are interested in viewing much more of IULKA’s projects and collections then you should visit these sites: / Wenn du daran interessiert bist, noch mehr von IULKAs Projekten zu sehen, dann solltest du diese Seiten besuchen:

IULKA is going to become an online-store soon! Besides, you can get her creations via her Facebook-page. Just write Julia a message. She is really friendly!

IULKA wird demnächst ein Online-Store werden. Außerdem kannst du Julias Kreationen über ihre Facebook-Seite “bestellen”. Schreibe Julia einfach eine Nachricht und sie wird dir ganz sicher weiter helfen. Sie ist sehr freundlich!

Many thanks Julia, for the kind interview and the lovely photographs!



Photography: Luz Ferrari
Stylist: Pia Fellay
Model: Agatha Vainstein
Make up & hair: Ingrid Lapczuk
Backstage: Matias Haldmeyer / Gonzalo De Bonis

Photography: Gonzalo De Bonis / Matias Gaitan
Model: Rocio Di Santo
Stylist: Julia Lesyk
Make up: Marina Cardozo




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