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We are so happy to present you a new artist today! Or to be exact artists. Because the upcoming band Mary Joanna from Manchester was founded by three people: Mary Joanna Coogan, her brother Will Coogan and Stephen.

We thought about presenting you the most important information about the band in an interview because it is so much better to get answers from the musician and front-woman Mary Joanna herself instead writing a factual text.

Below you will find the questions that I asked Mary Joanna Coogan! But first scroll down, watch the photographs and listen to their music.


Wir sind froh, dass wir heute einen neuen Künstler vorstellen können! Oder besser gesagt mehrere Künstler. Denn die Band Mary Joanna aus Manchester wurde von drei Leuten gegründet: Mary Joanna Coogan, ihrem Bruder Will Coogan und Stephen.

Wir haben darüber nachgedacht die wichtigsten Informationen über die Band anhand eines Interviews zu präsentieren, denn es ist so viel besser Antworten von der Musikerin und Sängerin Mary Joanna selbst, zu erhalten, anstatt einen sachlichen Text zu schreiben.

Unten findest du die Fragen, die ich Mary Joanna Coogan gestellt habe. Doch zuerst: scrolle hinunter, schaue dir die Bilder an und höre ihre Musik.


MJ (2) 10898163_793255534078387_4159006615097318082_n

The band has just released their first single “Fade (Tired Eyes)”.

I’m normally not a listener to calmer songs but this song caught me. I really love the melancholy in it and the sound – it is so surrounding and brings you back to a time somewhere between the 80s and the future.

After listening the song twice I had an ear worm. But this is a signal that “Fades (Tired Eyes)” is a great song. Isn’t it?

Because it stays in your head!


What was Zebra’s first impressions by listening this song? I asked her.

“For me “Fade (Tired Eyes)” makes a harmonic and cheery impression at the same time. Like coffee in the morning. With this song you can start your day and it is going to be a good one!”


However, these are our impressions and you recognize they are quite different because Zebra has “a good mood – impression” and I praised the melancholy tune.

Maybe you have another one. So click on “play” and listen!


Die Band hat gerade ihre erste Single “Fade (Tired Eyes)” veröffentlicht.

Eigentlich bin ich nicht so ein Fan von ruhigeren Songs, doch dieses Lied erlangte meine Aufmerksamkeit. Ich mag sehr die Melancholie, die in der Melodie mitschwingt und den Sound – dieser ist umringend und bringt dich zurück in eine Zeit, die sich irgendwo zwischen den 80ern und der Zukunft befindet.

Nachdem ich den Song zweimal angehört habe, bekam ich einen Ohrwurm. Doch das ist ein Zeichen, dass “Fade (Tired Eyes)” ein einprägsamer und guter Song ist, oder?

Denn die Melodie bleibt in deinem Kopf!

Was war Zebras erster Eindruck, als die den Song anhörte? Ich habe sie gefragt.

“Für mich macht “Fade (Tired Eyes)” einen harmonischen und aufmunternden Eindruck. Wie Kaffee am Morgen. Mit diesem Song kannst du wunderbar deinen Tag starten und es wird sicher ein guter Tag werden.”


Dennoch, dies sind unsere Eindrücke. Vielleicht hast du einen anderen. Also klicke auf “play” und höre dir den Song an!



The photograph that you can see above is also the cover of the first single. It suits, right?


1900218_10204701277707911_4127762653692107706_o Kopie 10425167_10204917033021659_4376643440310665749_n 1511913_10205098027426406_5111814046708399859_n

When did your band start?

We  formed Mary Joanna at the end of October 2014.

What inspired you to start this band? Was it always your wish or a spontaneous idea?

I was the front-woman of a band called “The Southern Electrikk” for 2 years, but things didn’t really work out the way I wanted them to. Some of the members had different ideas and it clashed with mine. So me and Stephen (who was also in that band) decided to leave and start something new. My brother, Will Coogan teamed up with us and Mary Joanna was born!

Can you describe the style of your music?

It’s very experimental, lots of synths and noisy sounds. We also use a drum machine which I love. I’d say our genre was Electronica, Psych, Synthpop and Dreampop.

What are your most influential bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s?

We have loads of influences; The Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth.  We also love Krautrock bands like Neu!

What inspires you to write songs?

Life events mostly. I always carry a notepad with me everywhere I go and end up with loads of ideas from that. Sometimes I can pick up a pen and write a whole tune in a couple of hours because I’m feeling sad (laughs).

What is/are your favourite song(s)?

One f my favourite songs is called “The Wicker Man” by my dads band The Mock Turtles, I even had some of the lyrics tattooed on my back when I was 15. Some of my other favourite songs are “Waterloo Sunset”The Kinks, “Iceblink Luck”The Cocteau Twins, “Leave Them All Behind”Ride, “Fade Into You”Mazzy Star, “Song To The Siren” – This Mortal Coil’s version (and obviously the original too) – I honestly have too many to mention!

How do you spend your weekends?

On a serious note I only go out if I HAVE to. I spend my weekends sleeping and eating food mostly.

You are from Manchester. What do you like about this city?

I like that everyone knows each other and looks out for each other, there’s something special about Manchester and I feel very happy to have been brought up here. There’s loads of history here and I think some people see past that sometimes.

MJ 10535558_10204166068088005_6519927259660597793_o

Stay up to date with the band Mary Joanna by visiting these links: / Bleibe auf dem Laufenden mit der Band Marry Joanna, indem du diesen Links folgst:

Many thanks and good luck!

Source of the photographs: For this article Mary Joanna Coogan sent us photographs of her and the band and allowed us to take the pictures we like from her Facebook-page.

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