Dream on

Model: Lia

Photographs by Zebra

Styling by Lia & Zebra











dress, sweater Urban Outfitters; boots Doc Martens; scrunchie American Apparel


Flowers do not grow in the garden.

The children do not play in the grass.


The roof of the sky stays mostly grey

and your pleasure doesn’t exist for so long.


What have you dream about recently?

Whom have you missed lately?


Die Blumen wachsen nicht im Garten.
Die Kinder spielen nicht im Gras.

Das Himmeldach bleibt meistens grau
und deine Freude macht dir nicht immer Spaß.

Was hast du letzte Zeit alles geträumt?
Wen hast du letzte Zeit alles vermisst?

7 responses to “Dream on

  1. What a beautiful site you have. I’m glad you liked my post on Not Fragile and now I’m really happy that you likes it because I got to see this site close up. Great work and I’ll sure be back sooner rather then later!! Wish I had half the talent you got.

    Liked by 1 person

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