Yolanda Y. Liou – Impressions

Impressions, feelings, emotions, moments – things that are captured with a camera by the Taiwanese photographer Yolanda Y. Liou which currently based in London.

Don’t forget to visit her website where you can find so much more of her creative works.

Impressionen, Gefühle, Emotionen, Momente – Dinge, welche mit der Kamera der taiwanesischen Fotografin Yolanda Y. Liou eingefangen wurden.

Vergiss nicht, ihre Website zu besuchen, denn dort findest Du noch andere kreativen Arbeiten von ihr.

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When did you start taking pictures?

Late 2011

You are based in London. Can you describe the city in three words?

 Exciting, indulgent, competitive

Analogue or digital photography?


Were there times when you send submissions to different places and magazines and you never got a reply?


Some words/ advices for passionate photographers?

Be self-motivated and be patient.


Many thanks!


Moreover, you find more of her photography here: / Weiterhin findest Du weitere Bilder von ihr unter diesen Accounts: