Try to escape – Part 2

Model: Sandra

Photographs: Zebra and Lia

Styling: Lia and Zebra



sw12 sw10 sw27 sw25 sw17 sw35 sw34 sw33 sw28 sw1 sw2


Black. White. Brightness. Darkness. Light.

What day is today? -I don not know.

The sound of voices flies through the air. Or was it a birdsong and the wind which filled the silence?

I walk across the place, through the tall grass, across the dusty ground. And at seems that I walked in a circle. Again and again.

Steps: I go them up, I go them down. And later I hear the undefinable voice again.


Schwarz. Weiß. Helligkeit. Dunkelheit. Licht.

Welcher Tag ist heute? -Ich weiß es nicht.

Stimmengewirr schwebt durch die Luft- oder war es Vogelgesang und der Wind, die die Stille füllten?

Ich gehe über diesen Platz, durch das hohe Gras, über den staubigen Boden. Und es scheint, als laufe ich im Kreis. Immer und immer wieder.

Treppenstufen: Ich gehe sie hinauf, ich gehe sie hinunter. Und später höre ich die undefinierbare Stimme wieder.

4 responses to “Try to escape – Part 2

  1. Hey, I want to tell that your art/fashion drawings on the site are extraordinary. As you continue to work on your craft, I swear I believe that , tho it is impossible not to be influenced by everything you have ever seen, that training for you, in a strict sense, IS NOT NECESSARY and SHOULD BE AVOIDED. Your work is honest,real, and individual. In 30 years time, after piece after piece, I believe you will look at them , and SEE their INDIVIDUAL UNINFLUENCED BEAUTY!


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