Joy Division

Two years ago I heard the music of Joy Division for the first time. At that time I wondered: “What’s that? That music makes me depressive.” But the next day I returned and said: “Where is the album I heard yesterday?” Its name was “Unknown Pleasures”. I diligently listened to it to the end and felt certain: never again!

The next day I borrowed the CD to take it home with me and continued listening to it, but with several interruptions, because I thought that I could do with other songs.

But things took a different turn: this sound is a drug and meanwhile I have had an overdose. I’ve become autistic and I am not ashamed to say it. Here is my public confession: for two years I have heard the music of Joy Division only. Naturally not only “Unknown Pleasures”.

I could give you some recommendations here, but beware: this stuff is particularly good. Simply great, cool, stunning…



There were only 2 albums. Unique. / Es gab nur 2 Alben. Einzigartig.


Albums that came into existence later. Also great. / Die CDs, die später entstanden. Auch grandios.


Advisable. In Preston, live. Goose-skin-feeling. / Sehr zu empfehlen, live, Gänsehaut. Preston, 28. Februar 1980.


Really impressive sound; live. Unfortunately I haven’t this one… /Beeindruckender Sound; live. Habe ich leider noch nicht…


Early start. Great! Superb! / Von früheren Zeiten. Toll! Super!


DVDs are an absolutely must-have. / DVDs sind ein absolutes Muss.


Books. Really advisable. / Bücher. Sehr zu empfehlen.



 A commentary by Lia: Great text, Zebra. Well, the sound of Joy Division has something impressive, magical…

17 responses to “Joy Division

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  2. Bin Fan seit über 30 Jahren. Vor allem “Unknown Pleasures” hat sich nie abgenützt. Sehr zu empfehlen ist auch die “Heart and Soul”-4CD-Box mit einem tollen Booklet inklusive ausführlichem Text von Jon Savage. Aber eigentlich hast Du ja eh schon alles, was man braucht…;-)))
    Viele Grüße,

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  3. Da fällt mir noch ein: das folgende Buch kann ich Dir auch wärmstens empfehlen:
    Paul Morley – Piece By Piece – Writing about Joy Division 1977 – 2007 (2007, Plexus Press).
    Viele Grüße,


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  5. Du hast das wichtigste Buch vergessen, nämlich “Touching From A Distance” von Deborah.^^


    • Of course, you’re right. But I don’t like this book; and I can’t recommend something that I don’t like. Nevertheless, thanks for you comment.


      • Uh, that’s interesting. Why don’t you like it?
        Have you seen the documentary “Joy Division”?


  6. Hi Zebra, thanks for your interest in my site, really appreciate it. New post just up if you’re interested. So glad you’ve discovered Joy Division, I’ve loved them for years (fave songs: New Dawn Fades, Novelty, Dead Souls) their music is indeed “Einfach großartig, cool, überwältigend”…just like your website! Love the design aspect of it as well as the content. I will definitely keep checking back to this site. I love that you post in both English and German, really useful for me. Ich muss nicht mein Deutsch vergessen…all power to you and Lia 🙂

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  7. I definitely approve! Joy Division is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time. There’s nothing like them. The songs are so simple, but the atmosphere is so rich and the lyrics are incredibly depthful. Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m flattered. (c:


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